Jake Tapper Drums Stephen Miller Off the Air Because He Ain't Got Time for that Bullsh*t

Dustin Rowles | Politics | January 7, 2018

If you’re tuning into the morning shows today, there’s only one subject that journalists are gonna want to ask, for obvious reasons: Michael Wolff’s Fire & Fury (lots more on the book in the morning). White House adviser Stephen Miller — who, at 32, is somehow basically the most senior political advisor left in the Administration — didn’t really want to answer the questions. As Jake Tapper points out in this disastrous interview, Miller is speaking basically to an audience of one: He wants to impress Trump, and Jake Tapper ain’t got time for that bullshit.

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Good for you, Tapper, and more of this, cable news. Don’t let the interviewee dictate the terms of the interview. If he’s not interested in answering your questions, then run him off the air.

And Tapper wasn’t wrong about Miller having only an audience of one in mind:

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