Your Daily Shot and Chaser

Dustin Rowles | Politics | February 28, 2018



But let’s also talk about that Florida bill for a second. One hundred and thirty-two hours of training breaks down to around 3 weeks of workdays.

For $500.

Paid once.

Not even yearly.

No money has been allotted for the purchase of guns. That decision will be left to each locality, which will have to add the purchase of ten handguns to its chalk and whiteboard budget. And for $500 — paid once! — that teacher will also be expected to run toward a mass shooter and engage with him, handgun vs. AR-15, which is to say: The teacher is going to sacrifice her life for the opportunity to get off one shot.

For $500.

And you know who is going to take the school up on these offers first, right? The trigger-happy gun nuts, which means there will probably be even more incidences like this:

Teachers are not security guards. They are not school marshals. They are teachers. Their job is to teach students, not sacrifice their lives to protect them from madmen. For $500.

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