Eric Trump Doesn't Understand Twitter Algorithms and Screams About "Deep State" Connections

Jodi Smith | Politics | January 4, 2018

Oh, Eric Trump. If Ivanka is supposedly the pretty one and Don Jr. is allegedly the smart one, you are definitely the other one there. Yup.

On January 2nd, Eric tweeted out this genius:

The mocking was swift and brutal after the usual screeching narwhal tweets of MAGA supporters that definitely are not bots.

And that was the nicest response to Eric.

It’s no surprise that the son of a neon turd in a lumpy suit is unable to comprehend algorithms on a giant website obsessed with tracking people’s preferences. It would also not be farfetched to learn that he somehow does understand and is just shoveling dookie to obfuscate his father’s many, many, many shortcomings, both mental and treasonous.

Either way, Ellen DeGeneres was unhappy with being called Deep State and issued a rebuttal on her show:

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