The Donald Trump and Steve Bannon Feud is On: 'He Lost His Mind'

Dustin Rowles | Politics | January 3, 2018

As we wrote this morning, in a book due out next week, Steve Bannon suggested that Special Counsel Mueller was going to get to Donald Trump through his son, Don Jr., and his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and he suggested that both would flip because they’re up to their eyeballs in potential money laundering charges. Bannon also suggested that Trump Jr. and Kushner had committed treason in that Trump Tower meeting.

Up until — today, maybe? — Bannon had the ear of the President. They were still communicating about political strategy. Bannon’s quotes in that book, however, have clearly changed the dynamic. This afternoon, Trump shot back:

Yes, it’s clearly a “written statement” that someone helped the President with because it’s coherent. But it’s clear that Trump is severely displeased with his former political strategist, and we may be getting what many have wanted all along: An all-out battle between Steve Bannon (who does represent Trump’s base) and Donald Trump, which is going to be an absolute shit-show. The Breitbart people are gonna be TORN IN HALF.

Also, Mooch is already taking sides. He’s apparently Team Trump.

I hope they unload every goddamn secret they have on each other. LET IT RAIN BLOOD!

UPDATE: This from Mitch McConnell’s official campaign account.


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