Kim Cattrall Hates Sarah Jessica Parker

Lainey Bobainey | Pajiba Love | February 11, 2018

Oooooh, Best Chris is working on a 6-episode series for TNT based on the story of Fauna Hodel. Interesting. I’m not familiar with this story, but now I’m looking forward to watching this. - (LG)

I don’t know what Sarah Jessica Parker did to Kim Cattrall when they were working together on Sex and the City, but Cattrall hates her. In fact, she hates her so much that, when SJP expressed her condolences to Cattrall after the death of her brother (RIP), Cattrall told her to take her condolences and shove them up her ass (that sounds like hyperbole, but it was actually much worse). (Uproxx) She’s cool with Cynthia Nixon, though. So, apparently, it’s JUST Sarah Jessica Parker. (Uproxx)

Have you all been watching the Olympics over the weekend? I enjoy some of the sports, but my favorite Olympic event is Johnny Weir’s hair and outfits. He is a sparkling star! - (SBN)

You may remember him as the hot, shirtless Tongan flagbearer from the Rio summer games in 2016. Now he’s a cross-country skier in the winter Olympics. And also the hot, shirtless Tongan flagbearer in the Pyeongchang winter games opening ceremony! - (VF)

I’m sure many of you are already aware and have already had a good cry about it - Idris got engaged this weekend. Shhhhh, it’s ok, poppets. It’s ok. We can still look upon him. She can’t take that away. - (Dlisted)

I hadn’t considered a Black Panther/Luke Cage team-up, but now I’m thinking about it hard. Like, I’m gonna’ need a few minutes to collect myself. Whew. - (SandA)

Fat unicorn cakes. That’s a real thing! Goddammit, I… think I want one! - (Nerdist)

Please see above Tweet as the introduction to this entry - (Celebitchy)

Oh my stars! Did you even SEE Lupita at the Black Panther London Premiere? You go look at her! - (GFY)

What does it take to derail a family’s life? In Celeste Ng’s Little Fires Everywhere, the arrival of a single mother and her daughter upends the well ordered Richardson family. The novel made a lot of Best Of lists last year. Rachie3879 says you should definitely believe the hype. It’s mostly about motherhood, but it’s so engrossing you don’t have to be a mother to appreciate it. Which novels have lived up to the hype for you? (Cannonball Read 10)

Oh, and finally, I straight up stole this from Alli on Facebook. It just makes me grin like a goon.

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