You Didn't Think Jessica Jones Would Have Her Sh*t Together In Season 2, Did You?

Tori Preston | Streaming | February 7, 2018

Netflix finally released a trailer for the second season of Jessica Jones, and it gives you almost everything you were likely hoping for. Jessica is still drinking, cussing, and trying not to be a superhero, all while fending off a dickbag who wants to buy Alias Investigations. Trish seems to be stepping into the role of Jessica’s unwanted-yet-necessary sidekick (and putting that Krav Maga training to use). And while there appears to be plenty of murder and mayhem in the present, the main mystery driving this season seems to be Jessica’s investigations into her own past, and how she got her powers.

And then there’s that hint of purple at the very end…

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Look, I’m not saying I needed to see David Tennant’s Kilgrave. I just could have used a bit more of him than his clapping hands. But I can wait, I suppose…

Jessica Jones returns to Netflix on March 8th.

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