If You Were In High School In the '90s, Netflix Has Your Nostalgia Right Here

Jodi Smith | Streaming | January 16, 2018

Netflix is really making the most of that price hike, aren’t they? They’re putting out original content at such speed that it’s hard to keep up with them.

Today the streaming behemoth has dropped a trailer for yet another original series. This one is called Everything Sucks and is set in 1996. I was a high school junior that year and watching the announcement trailer for the series got me right in the nostalgia. From the Pop-Up Video facts to the Everclear soundtrack and the backpack covered in band and artist names, it looks like creators/producers Ben York Jones (Like Crazy, Newness) and Michael Mohan (Save the Date, Pink Grapefruit) really get the ’90s.

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Everything Sucks is set in Boring, Oregon and follows the high school’s A/V and Drama Clubs as their members come together to make a movie and lessen the tedium of their scholastic life. The show premieres February 16th and stars Peyton Kennedy (American Fable, The Captive), Jahi Winston (The New Edition Story), Patch Darragh (Sully, Boardwalk Empire) and Claudine Nako (Grimm).

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