That 'Venom' Movie Is Real... And Here's The Proof

Tori Preston | Film | February 8, 2018

We’ve heard they were making a Venom movie. One starring Tom Hardy as the titular symbiote-covered baddie (?), alongside Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed, Woody Harrelson, and Jenny Slate. Honestly, it seemed too wonderful and weird to be real. Well hold onto your butts, because IT’S REALER THAN REAL — and here’s the proof!

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So, you don’t actually see Hardy in full Venom mode. But you do see the goo! I guess that’s why this is the teaser.

But what I wanna know is whether there’s any chance Jenny Slate might cross over to the OTHER parts of the MCU. You know… the Cap parts…

Venom will be out in October.

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