'Seeing Allred' Trailer: Attorney Gloria Allred Gets the Netflix Documentary Treatment

Kayleigh Donaldson | Film | January 15, 2018

It’s very easy to mock or deride attorney Gloria Allred, a lawyer best known for taking on the most high-profile cases. Her presence at many press conferences, providing a handkerchief for her client to wipe away a teary eye, has been laughed at on SNL for many years now, and her intentions frequently questioned. Nevertheless, it’s tough to deny the potency of a very smart and famous woman who isn’t afraid to offer representation to those, so often young women, who go up against major institutions of power. Now, Netflix have a documentary on her, Seeing Allred.

Directed by Sophie Sartain (Mimi and Dona) and Roberta Grossman (Above and Beyond), the documentary promises ‘a portrait of a woman everyone thinks they know, at a time when women need her the most.’ It will feature interviews from Gloria Steinem, Don Lemon, the infamous Alan Dershowitz, and Allred’s own daughter, attorney Lisa Bloom (a.k.a. Harvey Weinstein’s one-time advisor).

As sexual-violence allegations grip the nation, SEEING ALLRED provides a candid look at one of the most public crusaders against the war on women. Through rare archival footage and revealing interviews with both her supporters and critics, this fascinating biographical portrait examines Gloria Allred’s personal trauma and assesses both her wins and setbacks on high-profile cases against Bill Cosby and Donald Trump.

And yes, the dislikes on this YouTube video are very high. Gee I wonder why…

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