'Justice League' Is the Penny Hartz To Honest Trailer's 'Happy Endings' Crew

Kristy Puchko | Film | February 21, 2018

Ouch. Hot on the heels of news that Black Panther, the latest critically heralded Marvel movie, outgrossed Justice League in a single weekend, comes the honest trailer for the polarizing DC ensemble epic. Brace yourselves, here comes the insult to injury.

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Yeesh. It’s like Justice League is Penny, and Honest Trailers is the rest of the Happy Endings gang, happy to pile on.

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Hang in there, DC. You’ve got Wonder Woman 2 coming in 2019 (after Aquaman and Shazam). So…

Actually, getting Casey Wilson into Wonder Woman 2 would be an AH-MAHZING addition to the Amazons. Can you get on that? She’d look so cyute in armor, and Penny could teach Diana the greatness of couch ice cream! She’d fit right in.

Kristy Puchko isn’t entirely sure how this became a Happy Endings post, but she’s not sorry.

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