Who Asked Netflix For A Jared Leto / Yakuza Thriller? And Why DEAR GODTOPUS Why?

Kristy Puchko | Film | February 22, 2018

Just in case you’re not tired of Asian erasure or white people telling stories that use Asian cultures as little more than a lavish backdrop, Netflix is giving you The Outsider. Based on an idea by Lords of Dogtown producer John Linson, written by up-and-coming scribe Andrew Baldwin, directed by Danish helmer Martin Zandvliet, this thriller follows a white man through post-World War II Japan, as he falls in with the Yakuza, falls for a beautiful Japanese woman, strokes a koi fish tattoo, watches sumo matches and kabuki, and through his mournful alienation and mistified ignorance allows Westerners to be beguiled by yet snidely judgemental of another Asian culture.

Of course Jared Leto is headlining it.

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You hear that? Somewhere TK is cackling, eagerly anticipating dropping this assignment on one of our reviewers like an unforgiving anvil to the skull.

The Outsider hits Netflix on March 9th.

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