'Game Night's Jesse Plemons Gives You A Taste Of His Creepy Gary In Video Interview

Kristy Puchko | Film | February 22, 2018

Wild eyes, cold heart, can’t lose. We’re going ape over the Friday Night Lights reunion that is Game Night, which co-stars Coach Taylor Kyle Chandler and Lance Landry Jesse Plemons as an arrogant showboater and an eerie next door neighbor respectively. But Plemons is hands down the action-comedy’s standout. With appearances in Black Mirror, Breaking Bad and now this, the future Mr. Kirsten Dunst has been forging a path as a new Michael Shannon, an intense oddball we love to be unnerved by. And he’s happily playing into that on the film’s press tour.

In this IMDB Show video, Plemons’ interview begins around 4:15. At the 5 minute mark, they ask him to read nursery rhymes in the freaky stylings of his Game Night creeper. The results are—you know what? Just watch.

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The slow zoom is a nice touch. Then Plemons shows us why he’s a master of creeper comedy, playing to the camera in the way only he can.

We’re a lion’s hair away from a thirst post for Plemons, aren’t we?

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