Twas The Night Before Christmas, And Kumail Nanjiani Found 'The Big Sick' On Pornhub

Kristy Puchko | Celebrity | December 26, 2017

To celebrate the holiday, a lot of families gathered together, and watched fun, funny movies. Which for many meant checking out Kumail Nanjiani’s autobiographical rom-com The Big Sick, now available on Amazon Prime. But some families may have gathered under the lights of a laptop to watch The Big Sick on Pornhub.

For the record: The Big Sick does have sex, but offscreen. But hey, who are we to judge what gets lion roaring? And because it’s Christmas, and at Christmas we tell the truth:

On Christmas Day, Pornhub responded to Nanjiani with glad tidings and apologies.

Merry Christmas to all, and to all a hot night.

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