There's a Reason No One Likes Megyn Kelly

Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | January 22, 2018

Megyn Kelly has apparently been taking heat for asking Jane Fonda about her plastic surgery a few weeks ago. Megyn Kelly doesn’t like to be called out for tacky questions, because gosh, none of these other organizations got called out for asking Jane Fonda the exact same tacky question, and if no one expected better of them, why should they expect better from Megyn Kelly, right? Oh, and also: Jane Fonda did some things 40 years ago during the Vietnam war, and how dare she call Megyn Kelly offensive for something she did 3 weeks ago after what Fonda did four goddamn decades ago!

And the thing is, even if Megyn Kelly had a point — she doesn’t — the smug way in which she goes after Jane Fonda for gasp! feeling irritated about being asked about her plastic surgery is so incredibly unctuous and petty that even if you agreed with Megyn Kelly you wouldn’t agree with Megyn Kelly.

My God, Megyn Kelly sucks.

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