YouTube Star Logan Paul, Punished by YouTube Again, Is Still a Piece of Sh*t

Dustin Rowles | Celebrity | February 9, 2018

Logan Paul is a hugely popular YouTube star, especially with kids, a fact that didn’t sink in for me until a few weeks ago when I was standing at the bus stop with my daughters, overhearing a bunch of fourth graders gleefully talking about Logan Paul’s suicide forest video. In fact, last week, I was scrolling through Twitter and my 10-year-old son was looking over my shoulder and saw a picture and said, “Hey! Is that Logan Paul?” We don’t even allow YouTube in our house, and my 10-year-old kid knows who he is.

He’s a piece of shit, is who he is. After YouTube punished him for showing a dead body in one of his videos — again, which attract a large audience of kids — Logan Paul went on an apology tour, and what he lacked in sincerity he managed to make up for in PR-speak.

Well, when his PR team is not around, Logan Paul is still tasering rats. Granted the rats were already dead, but the fucker was gleeful about sending a dose of electricity through those rodents (you can watch the video here, but you shouldn’t. Warning: The word “bro” is used an uncomfortable amount of times).

In addition to that, Logan Paul joked on Twitter that he would “swallow one Tide Pod per retweet.” Neither of those two acts sat well with YouTube, which has turned off the ads temporarily on his videos.

(Read in an Alexa voice) “Oh no! The man with 10 million subscribers has had his ads turned off for a day or two. The millionaire teenager will now lose a few thousand dollars. Poor guy. YouTube, you are our hero. What a punishment. You really showed him. Way to stand up for what is right.”

Logan Paul will never change, and as long as he makes money hand over first for YouTube, he probably will never need to change. Reminder: If you have children, delete YouTube from your devices, but not YouTube TV, because that shit is awesome.

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