Dwayne Johnson Remains Ever Glorious and Hilariously Self-Deprecating In Razzie Acceptance Video

Jodi Smith | Celebrity | March 6, 2018

I have previously declared Dwayne Johnson to be the best dude in the history of ever and I stand by my assessment. The man works like crazy, remaining in the public’s eye on a near-constant basis. Yet, he never faces any backlash or real hate that lasts for more than maybe a second. He’s just so goddamned charming, generous, and good-hearted that it’s difficult to root against him - even if he drops some dook bomb movies.

Speaking of dook bomb movies, Baywatch wasn’t very well-received by critics. Or regular people, really. It even earned a Razzie Award and — I’ll let Johnson tell you himself.

The man is even gracious when being crapped on. LOOK AT HIM. HE LOVES THAT THEY INVENTED A CATEGORY JUST TO REWARD HIM. I bet he will display his award prominently in his home and I am here for it.

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