Holy Sh*t, Tom Selleck is 73 and Other Surprising Septuagenarians

Jodi Smith | Celebrity | January 31, 2018

Maybe it is because I am mumbledy-mumble years old, but I tend to assume most people are only older than me by one or two decades at most. Imagine my surprise when I learned that perennially handsome Tom Selleck celebrated his 73rd birthday on January 29th. This piqued my interest in other exquisitely attractive and well-aged celebrities who are older than my heinous brain can comprehend.

Ben Kingsley - 74

Priscilla Presley - 72

Julie Christie - 77

Helen Mirren - 72

Bette Midler - 72

Faye Dunaway - 77

Patrick Stewart - 77

Naomi Judd - 71

Sally Field - 71

Tina Turner - 78

Diana Ross - 73

Cher - 71

Lily Tomlin - 78, Dolly Parton - 72, Jane Fonda - 80 (we will let her slide)

Patti Labelle - 73

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