Twitter Reports: 'Doctor Who' Has Broken Maleness

By Emily Chambers | Social Media | July 17, 2017 |


Full disclosure: I don’t watch Doctor Who. I watched one episode where Matt Jamison found Secret Call Girl and her boyfriend about to be attacked by … metal thingies, and then saved Secret Call Girl but boyfriend was trash can killed but maybe not, and I never went back. I also know from my good friend Courtney not to make the mistakes of Big Bang Theories past.

So why would I bother writing about The Doctor Who at all? Male tears, baby. I will always show up for the male tears.

I mean, straight out the gate.

Oh, oh, oh! We had this special snowflake lay out for us the worst thing he would possibly imagine happening to him.

And all of Female Internetness spoke back in Parker Molloy’s voice.

Also speaking for all of us.

But also, we should probably keep in mind that there are a lot of people who still deserve the chance to speak for themselves.

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Because we all clearly understand the importance of representation, yes?

Cool, back to male tears.

And the absolute winner of the Internet today:

Thank you, Twitter, for reminding us why we keep you around.

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