Twitter Eats Its Own Tail Trying to Figure Out Why Everyone's Mad at Daniel Tosh

By Dustin Rowles | Social Media | February 26, 2016 | Comments ()

By Dustin Rowles | Social Media | February 26, 2016 |


Daniel Tosh is trending on Twitter for reasons that elude me. I assume what most people assume, that he said something offensive.

However, is it possible that he didn’t say anything offensive, but that someone just mentioned his name, and in an effort to uncover what offensive thing Tosh said, his name began trending because of questions like these?

Because all I am seeing are questions asking why Daniel Tosh is trending, rather than any explanation for why Tosh is trending.

Has Twitter eaten its own tail?

Is Tosh trending because Twitter is reacting to the assholes who are asking why Daniel Tosh is trending?

Is Tosh trending because everyone woke up vaguely mad at him for no specific reason?

It’s a complete mystery.

Here’s something most of us can agree upon, however.

Maybe we can all just agree to agree?

Isn’t his existence offensive enough?

Twitter is hilariously useless.

Sorry, bruh. Not even we can help.

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