Senator John McCain's Son Tells Racists to 'Eat It'

By Dustin Rowles | Social Media | May 4, 2016 |


If you missed it, last week Old Navy released an ad featuring a family with a white father, a black mother, and a mixed-race child. This should not have been cause for controversy. It should not have elicited any other reaction besides, “Awww, look at those beautiful, genetically superior models promoting cheap, single-stitch clothing made in Bangladeshi sweat shops!”


Instead, the ad elicited a reaction straight out of 1946 on Twitter.

Look: There is a Trump supporter among the racist trolls, which shouldn’t be surprising because “Trump” is actual German for “racist troll.”

My feeling — or at least my hope — is that the horrible people above represent only a tiny fraction of the people in this country. Nevertheless, it did provoke the normally quiet and reserved Jack McCain — son of used-to-be-cool-until-he-ran-for-President Senator John McCain — into a response. The MH-60 Seahawk pilot and graduate of the Naval Academy suggested the people above — and those like them — should “eat it.”

He also added this, which would be an even better ad for Old Navy or just the Navy itself.

Jack’s wife, Renee Swift, also added her own thoughts, which could also double as an Old Navy ad:

Also, I think I love Renee Swift.

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