NYTimes Editor Quits Twitter Over Anti-Semitic Tweets, Bernie Bros

By Dustin Rowles | Social Media | June 9, 2016 |


In another example of why Twitter is still a flailing social-media platform, New York Times editor Jon Weisman had wisely decided to quit Twitter rather than continue facing the barrage of anti-semitic harassment he receives.

Weisman, who has written before about the abuse he receives on Twitter

People on Twitter have referred to Weisman has a “kike” and threatened to “put him in the oven,” among other insults. Weisman has complained to Twitter, but Twitter is either slow to respond or non-responsive.

However, Twitter did suspend two accounts that hurled insults at Weisman, although it’s a drop in the bucket on a toxic social media platform that’s really only useful if your followers are carefully curated, you selectively check @mentions, and you certainly never, ever read other people’s replies.

Weisman has suggested, as others have, to at least force Twitter users to use their real name, as Facebook does, although Facebook comments are often not that much better, because social-media is a toxic shithole.

Source: CNN

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