Wife Caught On Camera Casually Ordering a Hit on Her Husband Like She's Ordering a Goddamn Sandwich

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Wife Caught On Camera Casually Ordering a Hit on Her Husband Like She's Ordering a Goddamn Sandwich

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | July 10, 2013 | Comments ()

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You may have already heard about Julia Charlene Merfeld, a 20-year-old Michigan woman who has already pleaded guilty to soliciting a hitman to murder her husband so that she could collect his $400,000 insurance policy and, you know, avoid breaking his heart because, obviously, murder is easier than a break up. Fortunately for her husband, the hitman Merfeld tried to hire was an undercover cop, who caught the negotiation on camera, the video of which has been played already in court.

The video is below, and it is insane. She’s nonchalant. Smiling. Casual. She discusses when the hitman should do it: “It has to be on a Thursday, because that’s when I work.” She also agrees to give the hitman $50,000 from the life insurance policy, but since she can’t pay until after she collects, she says that she can put down a $100 down payment. You know, next week. Or the week after. Whenever! At least she has the heart to put the hit off a week so that “she can have that extra week with him” before, you know, he’s dead.

The other important thing, she says, is that she doesn’t really want to make it look like a robbery because she plans on having a friend move in, and she doesn’t want her friend to be afraid of robbers.

Why should she be? If she gets tired of her roommate, she’ll just HAVE HER KILLED.

People are f***ed in the head.

Could I get that with mustard and mayo. Hold the pickles. Oh, and what’s the special? Oh, you’re murdering husbands? I’ll take one of those!

(Via: Reddit)

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