When "The Daily Show" Brings In Replacement Correspondents, They Do It Right
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When "The Daily Show" Brings In Replacement Correspondents, They Do It Mother Effing Right

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | September 27, 2012 | Comments ()


The problem often with "The Daily Show" is that they're usually a day behind the news cycle, so sometimes their segments are old news by the time they air. It almost never matters, however. That's certainly the case here where "The Daily Show" replaced John Oliver with a replacement correspondent in order to spoof the NFL Referees replacements, even though by the time "The Daily Show" aired last night, the dispute had been all but settled.

No matter. There's nothing lost on a remote segment with the replacement correspondent is Patrick Stewart.

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  • **I AM** NotTheOne

    Oh FUCKME I love this!!!

  • AudioSuede

    Patrick Stewart will have to fight Ian McShane at the end of time to determine who was truly the greatest being in the history of existence.

  • Blake

    My money is on Patrick.

  • **I AM** NotTheOne


  • Utopian

    When I realized that it actually was Patrick Stewart doing his voice/Susie Swanson's inner monologue on Family Guy (I know, direct hate here), I pretty much absolved him of any sins he may have committed or might commit in the future. He's awesome is what I'm trying to say.

  • e jerry powell

    I would have sworn that P.Stew. was Chinese under that wig until I heard his voice.

    And I, being the American Liberal Pig that I am, watched it on Comedy Central at 10 PM CST, the way FSM intended.

  • Lipton

    That gave me ALL THE FEELINGS! Many of them in my pants. That made my motherfucking day.

    Patrick Stewart, you're my hero.

  • karen

    Holy Crap! I don't think a video has ever made me happier

  • Day made.

  • zeke_the_pig

    'This video is not available in your region' = MOTHERFUCKING RAGE!
    That header pic = untrammelled joy!
    Result = the weirdest boner.

  • JenVegas

    dick-widget. that is all.

  • bleujayone

    "This video is unavailable in your area.....even via your Comedy Channel that carries the Daily Show....sucker."

    I swear I'd have better luck aiming a metal hanger out the window towards Buffalo and picking up an errant HD signal.

  • Fabius_Maximus

    There is a special add-on for Firefox dealing with that particular problem. I know it's working on my machine. I just can't find it anymore.

  • Mavler

    Yeah, it'd be nice if the CRTC could join us in the 21st century.

  • jon29

    Nothing to do with the CRTC. This is because of Comedy Central (or more specifically, because Comedy Central's advertisers only pay for US viewers).

    CRTC has exactly no authority south of the border.

  • Mavler

    Really? A Canadian govt agency has no authority over the USA? Oh, I had no idea. Yes, obviously Comedy Central only plays for US advertisers, but the internet shouldn't have borders. Certainly not the ones it has. I'm tired of video links not playing or reading articles here about the movies I should check out on Netflix only to find out they aren't available on Netflix in Canada. A big part of that is because the CRTC is seriously behind the times in the internet revolution.

    I guess part 2 of my comment should've read "It'd be nice if US broadcasters were considerate of their Canadian audience too," because I seldom watch Peter Mansbridge, but I always watch Jon Stewart. I may physically live in Canada but culturally I've lived in the States my whole life. It's just harder to do now that I don't live across the border from Detroit.

  • Blake

    A Canadian govt agency has no authority over the USA? Sarcasm...

  • jon29

    Your first post blamed the CRTC for us not being able to watch videos from Comedy Central (which is *completely* irritating, I agree). Your second implies you (duh!) obviously know about the CRTC's jurisdictional reach. Do you see how I might have been confused by your contradictory stances?

    And no, the CRTC has nothing to do with Netflix and their lousy selection here. That is the result of distribution deals that are region specific (so the movie's distributor authorizes Netflix to stream movies to the US, but not to Canada.) In fact, the CRTC doesn't regulate online streaming at all, and never has:


    I agree with you that US broadcasters should recognize that they have a large market here.

  • toblerone

    It's actually a licensing issue... Canadian ISP / Cable companies would need to pay fees in order to have access. It's the same reason why don't have the full US NETFLIX catalog, HULU, etc...

  • Blake

    The Daily Show is carried by CTV and The Comedy Network here and you can watch it there... A prime example of the stupidity of Canadian ISP / Cable companies is HBO GO which is available to Bell and Rogers(?) but not to Telus customers.

  • Mavler

    And what govt agency oversees the licensing of TV and movies?

  • Mavler

    Sorry, that sounds more sassy than I mean it to. What I mean to ask is "where should my outrage properly be directed?" Who is it that I need to complain to so I can watch what I want to watch online, without having to shell out money to Bell every month for TV that I'm not going to watch.

  • Blake

    Broadcast rights are negotiated by Canadian ISP / Cable companies (Telus, Bell, and Rogers) not by the CRTC. If you want to complain start with your service provider (and they will probably tell you it is the CRTC's fault). Or you could just use a Virtual Private Network service.

  • Mavler

    Bell and Rogers you say? So this probably won't change any time soon?

    Well you've been quite helpful. Thanks.

  • Bert_McGurt

    Government's gotta get there first, that's the problem.

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