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What If Police Responded to Domestic Violence Disputes Like the Internet Responded to Skyler White

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | October 16, 2013 | Comments ()


This is a pretty terrific video, and sadly, way too spot-on. In it, a victim of domestic violence calls the police in, and the police respond to her complaints the same way in which the Internet has responded to cable television’s anti-hero wives:

“Stop whining!”

“But he killed 12 people!”

“Don’t be such a nag.”

As Slate points out, the comments below on YouTube illustrate the exact same point the video is making:

So are you making fun of people who didnt like Skyler?

And wasnt Skyler the one who cheated on Walt? And didnt she continue´╗┐ to lander the money and protect him from the police?

People don’t think Skylar is a bitch because Heisenberg is awesome but because Skylar doesnt do anything about it and just bitches.
Get a good´╗┐ looking, nice body girl to play stripper next time.

People on the Internet are terrible. The end.

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