What If Police Responded to Domestic Violence Disputes Like the Internet Responded to Skyler White

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What If Police Responded to Domestic Violence Disputes Like the Internet Responded to Skyler White

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | October 16, 2013 | Comments ()


This is a pretty terrific video, and sadly, way too spot-on. In it, a victim of domestic violence calls the police in, and the police respond to her complaints the same way in which the Internet has responded to cable television’s anti-hero wives:

“Stop whining!”

“But he killed 12 people!”

“Don’t be such a nag.”

As Slate points out, the comments below on YouTube illustrate the exact same point the video is making:

So are you making fun of people who didnt like Skyler?

And wasnt Skyler the one who cheated on Walt? And didnt she continue´╗┐ to lander the money and protect him from the police?

People don’t think Skylar is a bitch because Heisenberg is awesome but because Skylar doesnt do anything about it and just bitches.
Get a good´╗┐ looking, nice body girl to play stripper next time.

People on the Internet are terrible. The end.

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  • Anon


  • Anon

    Yes people, how dare you not consider Skyler the most perfect human being ever! You misogynistic racist nazi! Stop raping me! TUMBLR FEMINISM!

  • adasperaperastrada

    Obviously misogyny is still a pervasive problem in today's society... and I think everyone would acknowledge that the response to Anna Gunn (as an actress-- not just the character she played) was terrible..... but that being said.......... I think that when you have a show about an anti-hero it's really hard to root for the person keeping them in check (even if in real life our positions would probably be reversed).

    I don't think anyone was rooting for Walter White because he had the 'moral high-ground' but because there's some inexplicable part of human nature that wants to see how far we can push things. Figures like Alexander the Great, Julius Ceasar, Napoleon have all been lauded NOT because they were bastions of morality but because they pursued ambition (and by extension some of the darker facets of humanity) to its limits. I think there is something intrinsically within all of us that wonders how far can you push?---
    Also, look at the response of the public to Patty Hewes (from Damages), probably one of the most well portrayed female anti-heroes of our generation. You couldn't help but root for Patty... In this case the men served as the moral foils and as I recall everyone thought they were wet blankets.

  • stella

    Didnt she cheat on him after she tried to divorce him and he refuesed to leave the house?

  • souprcrackers

    This is just my two cents on the issue, but I see the Skyler hate as more than misogynistic. Let me explain.

    She's the human equivalent of a video game character who constantly would remind you that you just got a headshot on a father of two who loved the works of Thomas Pynchon and good scotch. She makes Walter White's action accountable in the real world, and thus makes his actions accountable in the real world to us. She takes away from the amoral fantasy that what Walt does (and our enjoyment of what he does) is anything other than evil and sad, no matter what the reasons.

    Sometimes people want to live in the fantasy and some times people have to be brought back to earth and the moral consequences of actions. If Walt is the cool uncle who lives in a studio apartment and lets you take a sip of vodka from his flask, Skyler is your mom/dad who reminds you that you have homework tomorrow and that alcoholism is a disease. To sum up, the internet is filled with people with the moral and emotional capacity of children, and the way they filter tv/movie/book characters are modeled by, and reflective of, that.

    P.S.-It is also really misogynistic, but I like to reserve that term for things like the glass ceiling or reproductive rights, not the youtube comment sections. For me it waters down the meaning of the word misogyny instead of helping the cause (example: the popular usage of the term "Nazi").

  • JustOP

    I don't see why you either have to 'side' with Walt or Skyler. I didn't. Both of them made bad decisions, and could be objectively called 'bad human beings'.

    That being said, I enjoyed Walt's scenes more than Skyler's. Walt interacted with a much larger range of entertaining characters. I didn't really enjoy Syler's side stories (affair), and as the series progressed it became pretty repetitive whenever Skylar and Walt were on screen together (which is a criticism that can aimed at both Skyler and Walt).

  • Sara_Tonin00

    actually, it's more a criticism to be aimed at the writers, and that is part of the disconnect.

  • John G.

    Sometimes the police do respond to domestic violence calls a lot like the internet responds to Skyler. http://goo.gl/xZpBX6

  • AngelenoEwok

    Yeah, the cop who took the call the first time I called on my ex (keep in mind, I truly thought I might be killed) asked me, "What do you want, someone to babysit you?"

  • chanohack

    UGGGG. What an asshole.

  • Becks

    That is so awful.

    I didn't realize it happened until I read about it online but apparently police will arrest men who are the victim of the domestic dispute even when they're the one who called in some cases too.

    I feel so bad for people who get abused by their spouse and then again by the justice system. There are very few things more upsetting.

  • Ruthie O

    Yup, this is really really real. This isn't just on TV. In Flordia, Marissa Alexander fired a gun at her abusive husband during an argument. The bullet didn't hit anyone. It was a warning shot. She was sentenced to 20 years in prison. It was decided that Stand Your Ground didn't apply to her case, despite a documented history of abuse. Shit is real and terrifying; victims are most often the ones punished.


  • Naye

    I think they overturned her case a couple of weeks ago. Liek seriously, the woman had a one-week old child and other kids with the man who was abusing her, and she was just supposed to leave? Cray...

  • emmalita

    And sometimes the victims get arrested for domestic violence for pushing their abuser away.

  • Naye

    I have a friend like that. His gf goes batshit and starts hitting him, he pushes her out of his house, she goes to the station and has a warrant taken out on him. This has happened like three times this year. To be fair he's a regular dumbass for sitting there and getting into it with her over and over again, like he doesn't know the outcome. He even called the police himself once and he still was the one arrested.

    I'd feel bad for him, but I told him once that he has battered woman syndrome, and he got really mad at me like "I'm a man's man!" Claims to be around her for the kid, but this whole mess will end up with him having NO rights to his child, if they keep this up.

  • emmalita

    That's so sad. I hope he finds a way out of the situation.

  • Naye

    Girl it's sad in the way a kid keeps sticking his tongue on a frozen pole. Sad he's just stupid. She doesn't physically hurt him (he's more abused, less battered); he's much larger than her, and a bit used to a culture of violence from his younger days. I truthfully think he's turned on by her crap, and uses the baby as an excuse, like anyone with half a brain is too dumb to see it's about her, and not the baby. She acts that way because in her life she's used to getting what she wants because she's a beautiful girl. What's really sad is the the fact that their daughter will grow up thinking this is the status quo on relationships. Generational dysfunction.

    It's unfortunate when he does call the police as a way to get ahead of her trying to have him arrested for her own stunts, he instead is the one the put handcuffs on. But it's more sad that he keeps inviting her back into his life. He isnt scared of her, he doesnt need her to maintain a lifestyle, he simply wants to be around her....and her drama.

  • Guest

    I just love how you ended something you posted on the Internet with "People on the Internet are terrible. The end."

    But yeah, I started out disliking her (the cheating and her possibly getting in the way of Walt's climb to a Scarface type figure), but after a while, you have to be a pretty big jerk to not understand her actions and side with her.

    People on the Internet are terrible. The end.
    Read more at http://www.pajiba.com/videos/w...
    People on the Internet are terrible. The end.
    Read more at http://www.pajiba.com/videos/w...
    People on the Internet are terrible. The end.
    Read more at http://www.pajiba.com/videos/w...
    People on the Internet are terrible. The end.
    Read more at http://www.pajiba.com/videos/w...
    People on the Internet are terrible. The end.
    Read more at http://www.pajiba.com/videos/w...

  • NynjaSquirrel

    You think that's bad, I just had the misfortune to skim through some of the comments on the Washington Times about the shutdown... things like:

    "How did you get that cock out of your mouth, long enough to type? Pretty sure Bachmann would have done a hell of a lot better job, than the half breed, 100% Muslim Scum Bag, in the White House now has?"

    And THIS gets through moderation, but me calling him out for his foul mouth and racist comments gets blocked. The internet is a cesspit.

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