Watch Tina Fey Endure a Wardrobe Malfunction During 'Saturday Night Live' Season Premiere Promos

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | September 25, 2013 | Comments ()

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Saturday Night Live returns this weekend, and I’m so excited to read the comments on our first SNL highlights post on Sunday morning:

“People still watch this?”

“This show hasn’t been funny in years.”

“This show is still on … ?”

Yes, SNL is still on. This will be its 39th season premiere, and it will be hosted by Tina Fey. It will be a mediocre episode with several amazing highlights, and a decade from now, we will only remember the amazing highlights, and 19-year-olds will say, “It used to be so much funnier.”

It’s the circle of SNL.

I can’t wait to cover another season.

But first, here are the first SNL promos of the fall, featuring host Tina Fey and Keenan Thompson, one of the few cast members still around from the Fey era at this point.

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