Watch This Kid Outmaneuver Everyone In Sight In A Recent Dance Cam Dance-Off

By Joanna Robinson | Videos | November 25, 2013 | Comments ()

Screen Shot 2013-11-25 at 6.11.04 AM.png

I’ve been around the viral video block long enough to smell a rat. Even where they may be no rats. But I suspect some, if not all, of this spontaneous dance frivolity was planned. The usher, at least, has to be a plant. Right? Maybe not. Maybe I need to get off the internet and go to more Detroit Pistons games in order to regain my innocence. Either way, enjoy this kid showing them all how it’s done.

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  • mb

    I love this so much.

  • Christopher Sebastian

    The usher usually participates in the dance cams. They just so happened to have a kid that could hold his own and played it up.

  • Jenn Hamm

    The smile on that kid's face is one of pure joy and enthusiasm. If it was a spontaneous episode with the usher, my heart just exploded.

  • blackheart

    I agree Jenn, that kid has an infectious smile. You can't help but smile in return. If you don't, your heart's just plain broke.

  • Alice

    Thank you for making me smile this morning. I needed that!

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