Watch Lady Gaga Get Puked On During a Performance at SXSW, or Better Yet: Don't Watch
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Watch Lady Gaga Get Puked On During a Performance at SXSW

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | March 14, 2014 | Comments ()


It’s one thing when an artist gets vomited on by a drunken fan while crowd surfing, but this? It was intentional. She WANTED to be puked on. WHAT THE F*** IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE? Come on, now: Is this how far we’re going to go to get the attention of the crowd? To have a woman stick her fingers down her throat so can can upchuck on the performer? It’s not shocking. It’s disgusting.

Jesus, why did I even watch this? (It’s at the 2 minute mark, because I know you’re going to watch, too).

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Comments Are Welcome, Bigots and Trolls Are Not

  • AvaLehra

    I just saw that video of the infected tattoo*, so I think I'm good.

    *Unless you have a medical background and a stomach made of steel do not Google that.

  • Ugh. Go the fuck home.

    The thing about Gaga is that she's trying SO hard to be a true "artist", (which, fine, whatever) but her music has never been more bland or unimpressive. It's more than a little ridiculous when she's having people puke on her and dressing in meat costumes while she's singing inane shit like "I'm as free as my hair", right?

  • Al Borland's Beard

    Big deal. Who hasn't been puked on during a performance? Though, in my 10th grade band teacher's defense, he had drank a lot that morning.

  • Mrs. Julien

    Which brings me back to "just because someone is a true artist, it doesn't mean they are a good one."

  • Lilith Square

    Or as my mother used to say, "just because no one understands you, it doesn't mean you're an artist."

  • Sassy Pikachu

    nope. nope. nope. nope. nope. not going to watch that.

  • Bob Genghis Khan

    I'd prefer to never watch this chick do anything. Ever again.

    This is not art, it's a shameless attempt to grab headlines. She may as well write down a list of celebs she has had sex with and leave it in a hotel.

  • Genevieve Burgess

    Body fluids are very big in performance art, and one of Gaga's goals seems to be bringing more "high" art into her work. I watched the whole thing, and while this was off-putting there was a lot about the show overall that was interesting and engaging. Still not 100% on board with the paint puking, but I really can't doubt her dedication to her vision.

  • googergieger


    Unless this is sarcasm. Even then, no.

  • lowercase_ryan

    I owe you thanks for tweeting this out last night. It proved to be very entertaining.

  • Ryan Ambrose

    I can imagine an artiste such as James Franco saying that.

    Albeit without a single trace of irony.



  • cruzzercruz

    "I don't play by your fucking rules!," she screams, while slapping a cymbal and getting force puked on. Neon vomit no less.

    Artistic statement of the century?

  • googergieger

    Someone throwing a water balloon filled with crap at her would be a more artistic statement than this desperate attempt for attention.

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