Watch Bryan Cranston's Impenetrable 13-Minute Short Film
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Watch Bryan Cranston's Impenetrable 13-Minute Short Film

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | January 20, 2014 | Comments ()


I have a high tolerance for bad movies. I’ve seen every live-action movie that Adam Sandler has ever made. I’ve seen half of Tyler Perry’s films. I’ve seen more Seltzer and Friedberg spoofs than I care to count. I watched Movie 43. I’ve seen Birdemic. I sat through Harrison Ford’s Paranoia, for God’s sake. They should hand out medals to anyone that makes it through that entire film.

And yet despite all of this, I couldn’t finish a 13-minute Bryan Cranston short film. I tried! But I kept nodding off, losing focus, rewinding to try and pick up the thematic thread, but it’s impenetrable. The short film, “Writer’s Block,” was directed and written by Brandon Polanco, a production assistant on another Cranston film, Cold Comes the Night. Cranston filmed in during breaks on the film, after telling the PAs on that film that he would accept scripts from all of them, and star in the one he liked best.

“Writer’s Block” won. It’s black-and-white and strange. It’s also incoherent, although to be fair, I’m sure that was the intent, and I often have difficulties with films like these (I blacked out 10 minutes into Upstream Color). “Writer’s Block” may actually be decent, and if you’re into evocative art films, maybe it will speak to you.

It didn’t do a damn thing for me, however, except make me sleepy.

via WashPo

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  • BlackRabbit

    Pfft. Lightweights. I've seen Bulletproof Monk. Until then, you have not known suffering.

  • Nicholas Moore

    it's hard to imagine you sat through 2hrs of paranoia but couldn't sit through a 13min, albeit incoherent, short starring bryan cranston

    though it's also hard to image me not immediately loving anything i see starring cranston from here on out

  • ubermood

    I wouldn't call this "incoherent". It may be pretentious navel-gazing, sureā€”or maybe just Bryan Cranston doing a favor and/or killing time on a slow weekend. I get the passing, superficial resemblance to (the irritatingly overrated) 'Upstream Color', but any attempt at a personal artistic statement, no matter how flawed or misguided, is still more interesting to me than stamped-out factory schlock for the lowest common denominator (i.e., network television, i.e., about 60 to 75% of what this site is devoted to).

  • ellcoolj

    You watched Birdemic??? Damn, now that's commitment to your trade

  • Uriah_Creep

    Oh sure, but if he were truly commited, he'd have seen Birdemic 2!

  • Is Birdemic 2 out?! Holy shit, I need to fire up the Netflix. The first was just a masterclass in how not to make a movie. Made the Sy-Fy monster movies of the week look like Alien in comparison. Just a staggeringly inept film. Highly recommended.

  • ellcoolj

    I never saw either, just saw the trailer and read about the mess they made at Sundance...

    It made Joaquin's rap career look coherent.

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