Two Amy Ponds Flirting With Themselves ... Do I Need To Tell You Anything Else?

By Seth Freilich | Videos | March 19, 2011 | Comments ()


Over in England, they still do Comic Relief. It's too bad that Whoopi Goldberg killed the U.S. version (full disclosure: I don't know that Whoopi is responsible for the death of Comic Relief, but it seems a reasonable assumption, although I do recall Bob Saget sticking a camera down his trousers one year for Comic Relief so maybe that's what killed it) ... *ahem*. Anyway, too bad that we don't get to have a Comic Relief anymore, because the idea of lots of solid comedy in support of good causes is great. And that's why England is better than us, because they still have a Comic Relief.

Actually, they're better than us because they have Karen Gillan. ...Although, actually, she's Scottish, so I guess Scotland wins.

Anyway, as part of this year's Comic Relief program, Steven Moffat gave the world a seven minute Doctor Who minisode, broken up into two parts, "Time" and "Space." They're quite amusing, and the time-and-space bit is clever as long as you are willing to ignore the glaringly problematic solution to their little problem. Which you should absolutely, unequivocally ignore because, holy macaroni, talk of Amy Pond without a skirt and Amy Pond upskirts? And two Amy Ponds in the flesh? Yes please. Rory, you are a lucky man.

Shortly after these clips aired, Steven Moffat tweeted: "Okay, okay - THREE Amys next time."

...I think I just had a heart attack at the mere thought of that.

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