This Needs More Rafi: 'Togetherness' Trailer

By Emily Chambers | Videos | November 10, 2014 | Comments ()

By Emily Chambers | Videos | November 10, 2014 |


I’m going to blame it on the music, but I’m just not feeling this preview:

Which is too bad because by and large, I really like the Duplass brothers. And as much as I like The League, it might be time to hang it up before it gets too stale (we all get it, guys, Andre is a tool). So a new comedy series on HBO should be a perfect next move.

And yet … I just cannot care about mostly well- off, middle- aged white people complaining about how unhappy they are. If I were interested in that, I would have made more friends.

Is there a possible, undiagnosed mental illness/ time travel? I will watch that. Is the main character still dealing with a traumatic death which complicates the important relationships in his life? Yes, I am interested. Or are the main character and his friends all immature, self- centered, morally questionable, sports fanatics? Because at least that should be funny.

But if this is really about watching Mark Duplass be a sad sack because he doesn’t feel happy inside, I’m going to have to pass.

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