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This "Actors Talking About Their First Jobs" Video May Make You Embarrassed About How You Watch TV

By Joanna Robinson | Videos | September 11, 2013 | Comments ()

By Joanna Robinson | Videos | September 11, 2013 |

So even though it’s fairly obvious, I won’t give away the premise of this extremely NSFW video just in case you want to watch it fresh. Go for it, I’ll see you and your pretty blushing faces on the other side.

So yeah, you saw that HBO joke coming, right? I mean, I could identify all but one of the shows described. Why? Because I watch them. Religiously. Should I feel guilty about that? Uh, probably not. To feel guilty seems awfully “American puritan.” Very “why are we talking about protracted sex scenes and not the rampant violence?”

That being said, I do usually roll my eyes at the sexposition on Game Of Thrones. And the True Blood finale did have the most unbelievably extended cunnilingus sequence I’ve seen on television. Do I blush? Not really. Does it add artistic merit? I highly doubt it. So what do you think HBO subscribers? Too much or not enough?

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