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Thirty Seven Years Ago, Lorne Michaels Offered The Beatles $3,000 to Reunite on "Saturday Night Live"

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | May 24, 2013 | Comments ()

Screen Shot 2013-05-24 at 9.02.43 AM.png

Why am I showing this today? Well, first of all, it's the Friday before a holiday weekend, so I can do any damn thing I'd like, thank you very much. Second of all, it's cute. Third, it's fun to see a young Lorne Michaels. Fourth, I don't think I can ever recall him carrying a sketch on his own, and fifth, I love that he nearly gets the giggles in this. He doesn't quite break character, but Lorne Michaels -- the consummate professional -- curls that lip a little, like he's about to laugh during a sketch.

Oh, and sixth, the sketch is actually amusing.

Beatles Check from the party's cancelled on Vimeo.

Bonus: A few years ago, for giggles, the guys over at MightyGodKing wrote an alternative history of The Beatles, in which they accepted Michaels' very generous offer.

(via Reddit)

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  • Fredo

    Seventh, the legend goes that Paul and John were both in NYC at the time, heard of the offer and laughed for a few minutes thinking of taking it, before deciding against it.

    It's things like that that make MightyGodKing's re-imagininig so touching. Cause it could have been true!

  • RocketDonut

    Hopefully his next leap will be the leap home.

  • BWeaves

    Oh shit! All time time I thought Lorne Michaels was Lorne Greene.

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