There's Always Time for More Slaying: New BtVS Behind the Scenes Video

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Videos | June 27, 2013 |

A couple of months ago, we posted some fantastic old videos that former "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" stunt coordinator Jeff Pruitt uploaded to YouTube. They were mostly behind the scenes practicing stunts for various scenes of the second and third season of the show, and were a quite fun trip back ... fifteen years? Seriously? Christ, I feel like I should be applying for Social Security.

Anyway, Pruitt apparently found another old box in the back of his closet, because he's updated another half hour of old VHS transferred video. It's got a bit more of the frontend this time, even getting a staggeringly young looking Joss Whedon on camera for a bit. Lots of bits and pieces of the actors practicing action scenes, or just screwing around.

Oh, and I forgot, this might be relevant to some of your interests: never before seen new footage of Angel in leather pants! Never say I don't know my audience.

So here you go, trip back down the rabbit hole of memory lane:

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