The Walking Dead's Andrew Lincoln Zombie Pranks Norman Reedus's Face Off

By Joanna Robinson | Videos | January 17, 2014 | Comments ()

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During a publicity tour in Tokyo, Andrew Lincoln and Nick Santonastasso scared the stuffing out of Norman Reedus. Santonastasso, who has Hanhart syndrome and was born with only one arm and no legs, made a splash on YouTube last month with this great zombie prank video. Reedus is a fan of Santonastasso’s pranks so the whole Walking Dead crew got together with Santonastasso to scare the crap out of Reedus. Andrew Lincoln is really there just to make us all feel uncomfortable about his natural, poncy accent. The real stars are the make-up team and, of course, Santonastasso’s amazingly frightening scuttle. Reedus takes it all a little better than I would have. He didn’t pee himself for one thing.

(via Uproxx)

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  • Mona

    Norman blushes is like my fav thing now.

  • 01lander

    I really hope Nick makes it into an episode of The Walking Dead!

  • LittleMissPonderer

    Norman seems very, very, VERY high. Ergo, I am deducting the 3.5 badass points I would normally award for such a chill reaction.

  • Mrs. Julien

    I'd scream, but then you can tell for 10 minutes that you are going to jump out and say, "BOO!" and I will still jump a meter when you do so.

  • Hee.

  • Nick

    "Poncy accent"? Hmmmm.

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