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The 'Pacific Rim' Gag Reel Is Fantastic, But Then Charlie Day Is In It, So Of Course It Is

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | October 8, 2013 | Comments ()

Despite enthusiastic reviews from genre fans, Pacific Rim didn’t end up being the monstrous hit that many expected it would be in the United States. It made only $101 million stateside, but thanks to an addition $300 million internationally, the Guillermo del Toro pic still has a fighting chance for a sequel.

Of course, you can’t blame the poor domestic performance on the cast, who — freed from some of the plodding, heavy-handed dialogue from the film — are adorably charming in this gag reel of flubbed lines. Charlie Day also puts on a minor gag-reel clinic, although that thing he said about Burn Gorman’s breath was mean

(H/T: I09)

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