'The Hapley Group': NBC's Attempt at Getting You to Not Forget About Them
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'The Hapley Group': NBC's Attempt at Getting You to Not Forget About Them

By Vivian Kane | Videos | February 21, 2014 | Comments ()


Continuing with NBC’s Please Don’t Forget About Our Regular Shows During the Olympics Campaign, they’ve put up another webisode, this time for Parks and Recreation. I don’t know if they’re trying to keep these web installments a secret, but if so, good job NBC. First, they released all four installments of Friday Night at the Luncheonette without really telling anyone. And to get to this video, after first searching on NBC’s website, I had to do a Google search and go through Buzzfeed.

The Parks and Rec web spin-off is The Hapley Group, “an unrehearsed and largely uniform roundtable discussion of the day’s events,” featuring Pawnee’s elite.

I love seeing Ira and The Douche outside of their studio (they’re just the worst), but if I were to cast my ideal talk show with the show’s minor characters, I’d have a different group in mind.

Dave Sanderson

Ethel Beavers

joe mande.jpg


Musical guest: Mouse Rat, obviously.

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  • dizzylucy

    I love Perd Hapley way more than I should (and crack up every time the actor pops up to deliver the news on Scandal). I'm just disappointed he didn't close the show by doing The Worm.

    At least the video is easier to find now - it's on Parks main page on nbc.com. Where no one excepting existing Parks fans will ever find it...

  • Orin can head up the wild animal segment.

  • alannah mcgrowdie

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  • vivkane

    I was worried about including Orin because I thought the whole show would devolve into a satanic ritual. ...On second thought, we should definitely include Orin.

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