Terrifying Brazilian Prank Show Reduces Grown Men to Pant-Sh*tting Puddles of Urine
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Terrifying Brazilian Prank Show Reduces Grown Men to Pant-Sh*tting Puddles of Urine

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | November 27, 2012 | Comments ()

Screen Shot 2012-11-27 at 1.26.34 PM.png

I don't understand how they got away with this prank, unless the riders of the elevator in question unwittingly signed some lengthy contract absolving the producers of liability before they stepped into the elevator. Either that, the producers paid a massive insurance premium to pull it off, or Brazil simply has no legal system.

Whatever it is, it's the most hilariously pant-shittingly terrifying prank I've ever seen. Amazing.

(via Josh Kurp over on Uproxx)

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  • Kristy Evans

    There was a TV show that did something similar here (Scare Tactics, I think), but they just put a little girl in the hallway of a hotel and made her stand there. She didn't scream, just stood there, and people's reactions were just as terrified. I love how we've been conditioned to be frightened of creepy kids.

  • arana

    i have one question to all those that argue about legal system, check this out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v..., it is a different joke but of the same "caliber" , same questions apply, insurance, danger, etc, and it is a USA show, so then USA has no laws either.

  • Even Stevens

    Honestly, I think people would find getting a heads up that a toy is demon possessed more helpful. It's like they've never seen Chucky, sheesh.

  • Dewdney

    I am claustrophobic. Elevators are usually ok, but can set off mild panic. Even if I knew what was coming ahead of time, I would lose my entire mind.

  • googergieger

    And yet I can't have sex on an elevator without being arrested. In this comic I drew.

  • John W

    That was awesome, with a side of awesome, covered in awesome sauce.

  • $27019454

    This is fucked up. Not funny.

  • Mrs. Julien

    To quote Glengarry Glen Ross, "How fucked UP you are."

    Also, elevators are for closers.

  • John W

    Always Be Closing!

  • Mrs. Julien

    You mean the elevator doors, I presume?

    Subject: [jiba] Re: Terrifying Brazilian Prank Show Reduces Grown Men to Pant-Sh*tting Puddles of Urine

  • yay brazil

    it's fake. these people are hired specifically to act on the pranks from this tv show. it's funny but not the best they've done so far. i'd strongly suggest looking for the Ivo Holanda's pranks though, those were the best until now but i'm afraid most of them are available only in portuguese. with luck, you might find something with english subtitles.

  • Lotney

    I can totally see that there is some funny in there but there is a reason they only do this to humble looking people. They can be bought easily even after being abused. I grew up with this crap on TV on Sundays and have always found it offensive.

  • Devil Child

    Not only does Brazilian law revolve around police murder, the two main TV networks have enough power to make Rupert Murdock shit a rainbow.

  • Vithor

    I'm a brazilian and that's f***in' TRUE!

  • oilybohunk7

    I like the woman that cowered in the corner, I call it "hedgehog logic". I have a hedgehog and when she is scared she will run behind her wheel with he whole pokey booty hanging out, but since she can't see me that must mean I can't see her and that must mean that she is safe.

  • Mr_Zito

    I'm really surprised to see this on Pajiba, it was trending in Brazil yesterday and I had no idea it would go worldwide. Anyway, there's been some serious discussion about that prank already. Most pranks on Brazilian TV are fake, and most people are assuming that's the case, but in a few days there will probably be some kind of inquiry into the prank, because it's drawn a lot of attention. It's worth saying that this a really old varieties show, which has this kind of pranks all the time (but maybe never that funny/shocking/scary), hosted by one of the richest guys in Brazil, who is also the owner of the network - and a very talented and funny host, I must say.

  • kali yuga

    The woman in the black shirt at the 5:10 mark might be an indicator that this is fake. She even smiles I think, when the lights go out.

  • It's not really passing the smell test to me. It'd be pretty tough to make someone think they were in an elevator when they weren't. And total blackout or not, you are going to hear the kid maneuvering into place (which could just be part of the scare, really). Which isn't to say that if you filmed this with 100 people you couldn't easily get 5 minutes of footage like this, but it just feels too blatantly set up with hapless marks giving the exact right response to feel authentic (sort of like that James Bond coke machine thing from last month with all of the really good looking young guys running through the obstacles).

  • hindulovegod

    I also wondered about the safety of the kid. When startled, I tend to throw an arm or elbow out. It's automatic. I'd have clocked the poor kid in the face.

  • Erich

    The laugh track is horrible! Honest to god, it sounds like someone had a Laugh.wav, and just clicked it when he felt it was appropriate.

    Aside from that complaint, however, i loved that! It was absolutely brilliant!

  • Mr_Zito

    Actually that's not a laugh track. There's an audience where the video is being shown, and that's them laughing (the louder laugh is Silvio Santos, the presenter). And I'll never forget the day a Silvio Santos prank showed up on Pajiba. That's really weird

  • Lotney

    Can't believe Silvio Santos is still alive. (I left Brazil 9 years ago and haven't seen Brazilian TV in probably 25)

  • this was awesome! (side note: I find it very interesting that almost every set of passengers had someone grooming themselves in the elevator's mirrored sides, like they couldn't even go on a 30 second elevator ride without checking themselves out.)

  • There was a residential building in Manhattan with notoriously slow elevators. Week after week management would get complaints from tenants. Repairing/replacing working elevators that just happen to be too slow is a very expensive way to solve a problem, but the building's owners were able to find a far more affordable solution. They installed mirrors in all of the hallways next to the elevator banks. Complaints dropped by more than 50% in the first month.

    I have no citation for this story and it's actually just an urban myth as far as I know but it sounds so right that I choose to believe that it's true.

  • My guess is a fake office building and the participants just signed some kind of employment form or other before being allowed in for a meeting. Haunted houses do this kind of thing but they're not televised (then again, the new trend that started last year was filming your big scare and putting photos or videos online as promo for the haunt). I'm thinking forms before and after the reveal and a therapist on hand in case things went bad.

  • denesteak

    this is amazing. I laughed way too hard at this.

    Though I wonder if there were any instances where people reacted defensively, like by karate chopping the kid. Because some people's defense mechanism kicks in when they're scared (not mine though. I'd probably just scream back at her. In defense.)

    I went to a haunted house last month with a couple friends (sorry, I segue way'ed there into a somewhat related story here). It was at a local amusement park here in Phnom Penh, and there were rumors of midgets in the haunted house. Mostly, we found Asian horror tropes in the different rooms -- there was a room with a staticky TV and a girl with long hair watching it -- and then there were just random scarily dressed people clanging chainsaws or jumping out at you. Sometimes, midgets would come at you and grab you, which would not be kosher in the West but is totally ok here.

    Anyway, I literally screamed my way through the entire house. Not necessarily because I was scared (and I was scared shitless) but I figured if I screamed loud enough in their faces it'd just be really, really funny.

  • e jerry powell

    Scream back in Brazilian Portuguese? That would be right up there with the resurrection of Linda Blair's career.

  • Basement Boy

    Yikes!! Those 2 big gals coulda clobbered her!!

  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    There isn't a single thing about this video that I don't absolutely love.

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