Sweet Jesus In a Flower Crown, Someone Take the Voice Over Off This 'Hannibal' Trailer

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Sweet Jesus In a Flower Crown, Someone Take the Voice Over Off This 'Hannibal' Trailer

By Rebecca Pahle | Videos | February 6, 2014 | Comments ()

hannibal s2 poster.jpg

Do yourself a favor and skip 0:25-0:35 of the new Hannibal trailer. The rest of it is spooky, intense… everything I’ve come to expect from this show. But that “IN A WORLD” voiceover… this isn’t amateur hour, NBC!

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  • oui

    i'd rather have Gordon Ramsay do the voice overs even.

  • Zirza


  • xhikari

    What's with that voiceover? Is it supposed to attract Steven Seagal fans to watch this show?

  • el_mediocre

    I was not ready to see Mads hop over that table. Every neuron in my head fired "OH IT IS ON NOW, SON"

  • Tinkerville

    IN A WORLD... Come on, Hannibal. You're beautiful and gothic and you make eating people look weirdly appetizing. You're not an action blockbuster.

  • emmalita


  • Brady

    The voiceover might be rather unpalatable, but the trailer is killer good. I cannot wait for a second helping of Hannibal!

  • RilesSD

    Good lord that voiceover is bad. Maybe it will work and bring in more viewers though? The show must go on!

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