See, This Is Exactly What Those Crazy Back-to-the-Landers Were Afraid Would Happen
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See, This Is Exactly What Those Crazy Back-to-the-Landers Were Afraid Would Happen

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | September 20, 2012 | Comments ()

Screen Shot 2012-09-20 at 1.28.15 PM.png

Did I ever tell y'all that my wife grew up with back-to-lander parents? True story: She grew up without electricity and some sort of messed up outhouse like the ones you find in state parks, which is just basically a huge hole in the ground with a toilet seat on top. She also lived in a house that her parents built, and cold foods like milk were put in the nearby stream to keep cool. They lived off the land, which meant eating a lot of berries and grass, I guess. She also had no television growing up (which makes the fact that she married me all the more ironic).

Why would someone choose to live like that? Because they must have known that someday in the not-too-distant future, a slightly chubby little girl who drank a concoction of Red Bull and Mountain Dew Code Red to keep her humming and who would be famous as a pageant toddler would one day sit down shoot snot rockets out of her nose for the entertainment of millions of people.

I've looked into the abyss, and all I saw were Honey Boo Boo's snot rockets.

God help us.


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  • BierceAmbrose

    My mother still lives in an area where the power goes out for a couple days, several times a year.

    Thing is, nobody there is un or anti-modern. I love a place heated mostly by fireplace, with a hot tub / whirlpool built into the deck outside. Priorities, people.

  • I totally relate to the spirit in which this was posted. I hate that this show exists as well. It's completely ridiculous.

    Having said that, I've gotta be honest and say that, if you really think this stuff is so abysmal, drawing attention to it is really not the best way to express your distaste. Pajiba gets a significant amount of traffic, and you're sending some of that traffic to a video of the very thing you despise. I don't care if the people you send there view it with hatred and disgust, each YouTube hit can be viewed as a success for the show's creators. Sad as it is, there are many people who watch shows like this because they find them appalling. You are increasing their audience, aren't you?

    I know posting stuff likes this will increase the hits you get, so I understand why it happens. But if you truly despise what these images represent in our collective consciousness, you should not stoop to spreading them. Ever.

  • I continue to have faith in the internet. Even the most horrible things can become awesome.

  • rumcove

    We are talking about the best moment in the brief history of this show. I smell Emmy.

  • Jenn TheYellowDart

    The rage I feel in my twisted heart knows no bounds.

  • Eve

    Look on the bright side: at least she didn't lick it.

  • She actually looked embarrassed, and with all the humiliating things that they have done on this show and some boogers are what finally gave her a sense of shame.

  • BierceAmbrose

    Hey, the any ability to feel shame is the beginning of conscience. If snot rockets is what it takes for this one, so be it.

  • Groundloop


    No way.

    Not gonna do it.

    You can't make me.


  • Javier

    Oh God, I just came from lunch.
    I didn't even see the video, but that image...oh God why?!

  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    Every day that I remember that this show is on I die a little more inside.

  • Hawkeye Fierce

    Normally I feel like I need to partake of something, to experience it, before I judge it. But there are exceptions. Case in point: bathtub crank. I'm completely comfortable calling it for the foul, heinous shit that it is without ever have done any.*

    This show falls into that category. I will not watch the above video. I quickly flip past when channel surfing. I won't even read about it. Because I already know what this show is about. It's about the disgusting, lowest common denominator, fame whoring, child abusing depths that humanity has sunk to in its quest for "entertainment."

    So I concur, HighlanderAdmin, this show kills merely by existing. Disgraceful.

    *that can be verified or proven

  • I can't even watch the clip. I just can't do it. WHY, reality TV... WHY?!?!

  • Me either. Blood and guts don't gross me out, but snot rockets?? NO. Even just that header image makes me ill.

  • ,

    We have a nephew and his wife who have twin boys, a year-plus old. The other day one of them figured out how to take off his pants. And his diaper. Dirty diaper. Took nephew/wife two hours to clean the shit off everything.

    Top THAT, Honey Boo Boo, you little snot.

  • nosio

    My inner ten year old is now suddenly envious of your wife's childhood.

    I read a lot of Laura Ingalls Wilder as a kid.

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