Sam Jackson Not Pleased When a Motherf**king Reporter Confuses Him for Laurence Fishburne

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Sam Jackson Not Pleased When a Motherf**king Reporter Confuses Him for Laurence Fishburne

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | February 10, 2014 | Comments ()


He could’ve completely laughed it off, but I kind of appreciate that Sam Jackson didn’t let the Los Angeles entertainment reporter off the hook for confusing him for Laurence Fishburne, after Jackson was asked about his Super Bowl commercial last weekend (uh, Jackson wasn’t in a Super Bowl commercial). “We don’t all look alike! We may be black and famous, but we don’t all look alike!” Jackson said before completely derailing the interview to put the reporter in his place.

Don’t feel too bad, reporter guy. It could happen to anyone, who is racist.

My favorite moment is that second of silence, when the reporter realizes he’s made a terrible mistake and he’s about to get Sam Jackson’d for it.

(via Vulture)

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  • Shazza

    Yeah, I was reminded of Maria Menounos confusing Queen Latifah with Missy Elliott. Yeah, they're twins. And much like Sam said 'YOU'RE the Entertainment reporter?!' The least you can do is a little research before you talk to your subject.

  • fauxhawk

    I find it interesting that so many people are quick to dismiss this behavior as "people always have trouble distinguishing between people of a race other than their own." That doesn't diminish the racism. People do a lot of things, this doesn't mean those things aren't racist. Ugh.


  • pfeiffer87

    Wasn't there an episode of The Good Wife where they 'proved' that people have difficulty distinguishing features of people of a different race? I can't remember if they decided it was racist or science.

  • e jerry powell

    I spent many years in college laughing it off. When I was still playing at being a professional cellist, all the other black guys in the music school (none of whom I resembled in the least) were in the choir. After every single choir concert (most of which I didn't even attend, I just happened to be elsewhere in the building at the time), some hick or another would compliment me on a solo that Terry or Eddie had sung. It was almost enough to put me off white people altogether.

    I'm glad Sam is kicking some ass. Even though the two were only ever in one movie together twenty-five years ago, and their only scene opposite each other wasn't all that long. FIGURE IT OUT, cracker entertainment journalist.

  • Hmmm... Racist, Dustin? Not sure I can get there. I'll give you INEPT, as any entertainment reporter who doesn't know these two needs some remedial fieldwork. I can even get on board with the idea that easily confusing one black man for another IS indicative of a privileged, limiting mindset. But I have a hard time stretching the same label over this guy and a KKK'er.

    But maybe I'm just overempathizing, because the following is a routine conversation in my house.

    "WOW. Stellan Skarsgard looks.... different. Is he sick?"
    "No, he's Robert Redford."
    "Really? I didn't know he made any movies with Laura Linney!"
    "That's Daryl Hannah."
    "Whatever. I know Laura Linney when I see Laura Linney. Seen Jurassic Park like a dozen times."
    "You need to go lie down now."

  • K11Win

    If you sleep better at night thinking with a definition that Racist is a word fit for only those who wear a white sheet in their spare time, then sweet dreams.

  • St

    Racist is a person with a prejudiced belief that one race is superior to others. While in america african americans just call racist every white person that was not nice to them. Or something.

    You fired me? That’s because you are racist.
    You have a drunk fight with me? That’s totally because you hate black people.
    You arrested me for murdering someone? That’s because you are racist.
    And on and on.

    Did reporter thought that he was superior of Sam or something? No. If he would confuse Robert Redford and Stellan Skarsgard no one would give a crap. But hey - he confused black person. That’s totally meant that he is racist...

    You have no idea what Racism means. And think that this is every white person that you have troubles with.

  • Not what I said. I just mean that there are degrees. Complacency is not GOOD, but it's not the same thing as conscious, deliberate, violent malice.

  • xhikari

    It's beyond racist, it takes a special kind of stupidity to mistake these two guys.....

  • Hot Tea

    hear hear! *goes back to lurking*

  • Finance_Nerd

    He really should have gone Pulp Fiction on his ass (even though it's cliche):

    "Say 'My mistake' again. Say 'My mistake' again, I dare you, I double
    dare you motherf**ker, say "My mistake" one more Goddamn time! (takes a deep breath)

    You know what? We don't all look alike. Normally, your ass would be dead as f**king fried chicken, but you happen to pull this shit while I'm in a transitional period so I don't wanna kill you, I wanna help you. I'm the other guy. 'What's in your wallet? I'm that guy. There's more than one black guy doing the commercials."

  • John W

    I am sick and tired of these *&^$%#$ reporters and they're *&^%##% questions!

  • St

    Well I understand why Sam got angry. I’m also not surprised that he threw race card. Of course every black person has to threw race card once in a while. You hate me because I’m black ...

    Well some people may not tell apart Zachary Quinto and Eli Roth
    I can get confused about Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly if I would bump into them
    Sometimes can’t tell who is Drea de Matteo and Portia de Rossi
    Logan Marshall-Green and Tom Hardy
    And on and on. There are many white celebrities that people and reporters can be confused about.

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Javier Bardem are the most famous couple. I don’t think that when black or asian person comes to Jeffrey and ask Javier for autograph - he screams at them: "You can’t tell us apart? We don’t look all alike!".

    If that same thing would happen to white actor then it’s no big deal. And IT HAPPENS often. But when it happens to black actor then it’s racism.... Double standard.

  • stella

    Well Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly looking alike was a pretty important part of that movie they both were, to be fair...

  • melissa82

    But don't you think that, at your job, you should know who you're going to be interviewing? Like, I would think "Oh crap, Leighton Meester's coming on, ha, I better not confuse her with Minka Kelly!" and then I would only make notes about the person I was interviewing and make sure, BEFORE I was live on-air with the celeb, that I had appropriate things to bring up.

  • St

    Well - remember when Lea Michelle threw a tantrum when some photographer at the premiere asked her who she was? When Glee was mega popular? It can happed to any person who works at the industry.

  • Aaron Schulz

    I think the problem that so many people pointed out, fishburne and jackson, look nothing alike. They arent even the same shade of brown for gods sake.

  • Finance_Nerd

    If I bumped into Leighton Meester and/or Minka Kelly I would easily be able to blame my "confusion" on the lack of blood going to brain. In fact, I probably wouldn't even be able to tell them my name. "You pretty... hi," would be about all I would stammer out b/c I'm smooth like that w/the ladies. (licks both pinkies, smooths eyebrows)

  • Al Borland's Beard

    I'm not quick to say that this reporter is a racist, but all those people you mentioned are very similar in appearance. There is no similarity between the actors in that header picture, none. Now, if I mistook Omar Epps for Mike Tomlin, that would be understandable.

  • Classic

    Exactly. Mike Tomlin and Omar Epps have very similar faces. Sam L and Larry Fishburne do not.

  • St

    Reporter thought that Sam was in some super bowl commercial. There were lots of them and information that reporters must know. He got confused. He did not look at Sam and called him Lawrence. Like people make it look like.

    Also l I still confuse Omar Epps and Mekhi Phifer. Does it mean I hate black people?

    I thought that Jason O'Mara (from Terra Nova) and Louis Ferreira (from SGU Stargate Universe) was the same actor. Does it mean I hate white people and can’t tell them apart?

    Well it probably means I’m racist when it comes to black people and it means nothing when same happens to white people. Double standard, really. If that guy would interview Corey Stoll and ask him about that commercial that Mark Strong was in then every one would laugh and Cory would embarrassingly say: "Oh man, that was mark Strong. Come on". And media would mention it and laugh. But it always have to be race card when same happens to black people. And we always must call people racists...

  • Al Borland's Beard

    I didn't say anyone was racist, but again you mention either pointless hypotheticals or people much closer in appearance. Tell me what similarities you see in that header picture?

  • St

    He did not confuse Sam and Lawrence. He did not call Sam Lawrence. He thought that Sam was in some commercial in Superbowl. And it was Lawrence. That was mistake of reporter. It wasn’t like reporter couldn’t tell apart Lawrence and Sam. But as always - african americans have to throw race card in every situation...

  • Bob Genghis Khan

    This clown ought to be fired. Not because of the debatable racism at hand here, but because he's an entertainment 'journalist' in LOS ANGELES, AND DOESN'T KNOW WHO SAM FUCKIN JACKSON IS.

  • BWeaves

    I still can't tell Jimmy Fallon and Jimmy Kimmel apart, or Javier Bardem and Jeffrey Dean Morgan apart, and I'm white.

    But I'm also not interviewing one of them on live TV. I think this is more about the reporter not doing his research. I like what Jackson said. He good-naturedly put the reporter in his place, and I liked that the reporter backed down immediately and profusely apologized.

  • The latter pair gave me trouble until I realized that Javier Bardem will always have terrible hair in his films. It makes life so much easier.

    Thank you, Mr. Bardem, and your insane, possibly sentient and rebellious follicles.

  • Classic

    Alright that make me choke!

  • stella

    And Jeffrey Dean Morgan will always die...

  • Hot Tea


  • D.J.

    The reporter should be thankful he wasn't asked to turn to Ezekiel 25:17 (Yeah, I had to look it up)

  • Hot Tea

    LMAO! He got read *in my Kanye voice*

  • Al Borland's Beard

    Meanwhile, Johnny Depp was thrown off by an interviewer who mistook him for Snoopy's brother Spike.

  • becktothefuture

    Is it sad that I already had this comparison picture on my computer desktop?

  • Uriah_Creep

    I'd call it prescient.

  • Al Borland's Beard

    Not at all.

  • Killian Steele

    Didn't this happen already in an episode of Extras, the Ricky Gervais show?

  • Maddy

    That's exactly what I was thinking

  • Ringo183

    It sounds like it could be a bit from Curb Your Enthusiasm also!

  • PoV Hector

    It's not about being racist unless I missed the joke or something. It's more bout not being around that race.

  • foolsage

    "Not being around that race" implies that you actually think it's harder to recognize the features of black people than it is to recognize the features of white people, so it takes practice. Objectively, it isn't. We have the same features, and they vary about as much. Eyes can be large or small, close together or far apart, high or low. The nose can be wide or narrow, bulbous or pointed or upturned or pert. And so on.

    It is no harder to differentiate between two black men than it is to differentiate between two white men. To suggest otherwise is to suggest that e.g. the features of black people are unimportant or unmemorable.

    Yes, some people do look similar! And that's ok. That's not however remotely racial; that's more about the fact that there are nearly 7 billion of us and only so many ways to shape faces. Zooey Dechanel and Katy Perry? Sure, they look pretty damned similar in a lot of respects. We can find a lot of examples like that with little effort.

    Sam Jackson doesn't look like Lawrence Fishburne though. Look at the picture in the header. Jackson's nose is higher and pointed. Fishburne's jaw is far wider and his face is square, while Jackson's is more ovoid. There really isn't much of a resemblance there at all I fear.

  • opiejuankenopie

    This is not me trying to be racist, but I thought I read a study that found that people had a harder time differentiating people of a different race than their own (I think it came down to subtle indicators that prolonged familiarity made apparent or some such) . But how do I search for that without making google think I'm racist?

    Found it!

  • foolsage

    Interesting! I'll have to look into this some more.

    Sharing information isn't racist, even if it challenges some assumptions. S'all good. :)

  • Hot Tea

    ???? -__-
    A reporter? Isn´t he supposed to KNOW his subject? Especially when he has to interview the guy?
    Excuses, excuses. You don´t look good dude. :/

  • NateMan

    I work with 2 black dudes, and swapped their names during one conversation with one of them. Talk about awkward... In my defense, I did also swap the names for the Asian guy and white guy I work with in pretty much the same way, so it's less because I'm racist and more because I'm utterly shitty with names.

  • Antique (webelos8)

    Aw man, so I'm racist now because I have been confusing the two of them for YEARS? Thanks.

  • Bea Pants

    I did used to refer to Fishburne as the Poor Man's Samuel L. Jackson, but it was due to the fact that for a bit they both seemed to be pigeonholed into the wise male AA authority figure sort of role and Jackson was having more success. I certainly knew the difference between the two.

  • Uhm, technically, he was in a Super-Bowl commercial? Maybe he was asking about The Winter Soldier? He started talking about Marvel?...

  • Classic

    Heh. Love Sam Jackson and glad he said that. I am an AA female and a close friend of mine got me confused for another mutual friend who is black. The other friend is at least ten shades darker too....

  • Shazza

    I work with someone who has the same first name as mine and despite the fact that she's dark brown and I'm light-skinned, people confuse us too.

  • Brittany L. Smith

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    ☗☗☗ ☗☗☗⨺ ☗☗☗ ☗᥀☗☗☗ ☗☗☗I work with 2 black dudes, and swapped their names during one conversation with one of them.

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