Rebel Wilson and Ellen DeGeneres: Rap Superstars

By Vivian Kane | Videos | February 18, 2014 | Comments ()


The rap duo Rebellen are back together again, this time to drop their latest single on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. The new hit “Watching Cats on the Internet” is off their totally-not-made-up album White Ladies Rapping.

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Comments Are Welcome, Jerks Will Be Banned

  • Berry

    Watching Cats on the Internet, Baby Got Back-Fat... I'm so flattered that my life has inspired such fine works of art.

  • BlackRabbit

    Ellen's cat noise would make a great ringtone.

  • I'm a little sad that Ellen didn't rap in that performance. She killed it on Divas Las Vegas rapping Shoop...12 years ago on VH1. No, I'm not proud of retaining that information.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    I dare not watch this at work at the moment, but I am LOVING the backdrop pix.

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