Puff Daddy Made a Game of Thrones-Inspired Music Video and It's the Batsh*ttiest Stupid Thing You'll See Today

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Puff Daddy Made a 'Game of Thrones'-Inspired Music Video and It's the Batsh*ttiest Stupid Thing You'll See Today

By Vivian Kane | Videos | June 11, 2014 | Comments ()


I’m pretty sure the very best thing about Puff Daddy’s new Game of Thrones-themed music video is that clearly NO ONE involved has seen an episode of Game of Thrones. Sure, the Iron Throne is there (just, you know, chilling - pun! - in the middle of a field), and there are some adorable pettable wolves, though they’re not exactly dire. And there are, um… snowmobiles. Just like our Black Brothers had. My favorite, though, are the wildlings, clearly recognizable by their excessive blue eye shadow. Just like George R.R. Martin described.

If you can make it to the end of this, you’ve got one up on me. Also, it’s pretty NSFW, unless you work at a place where “n—” and “b*tches” is totally normal language. And if that’s the case, I’m going to assume you work on the set of Duck Dynasty, and I think you can do better.

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  • DrSarCaustic

    I managed 39 seconds before I had to stop the video.

  • Maguita NYC

    You're braver than I am. Could not go beyond 36 sec. Ugh.

  • meh

    I thought he was P. Diddy now? Or was it P. Lion? Or Puff Cougar Daddy?

  • Maguita NYC

    True story. Before King Joffrey showed-up on my screen, the most abhorred, disliked, execrated slap-worthy face for me was Sean Puff-P-Diddy Combs.

    From the way he went all gangsta on camera men and interviewers to the way he treated women. *palms itching badly.

    Now that King Joffrey FINALLY choked (oh, sorry: Spoiler Alert), guess what? You're back on top of the list P. Diddly.

    (Also, I could not watch more than 36 seconds of that vid. It is really that bad and trashy. Did GRRM Copyright his creation?)


  • Target_Blonde

    That gif is glorious. It literally made my morning. Thank you.

  • Maguita NYC
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