Prince Took Over The Arsenio Hall Show, Leaving Us to Wonder Why Prince Doesn't Have His Own Show
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Prince Took Over 'The Arsenio Hall Show,' Leaving Us to Wonder Why Prince Doesn't Have His Own Show

By Cindy Davis | Videos | March 7, 2014 | Comments ()


Prince was the only guest on last night’s Arsenio hour and the glorious 55 (!) year old musician not only performed, but also answered audience questions and broke up an ailing relationship. Among the things we learned about the personable—and refreshingly honest—artist formerly known as that symbol: he has a strong dislike of people touching his hair and bumping into him (“mostly dudes”), he doesn’t carry a cell phone, his current favorite song, what he’d do if he wasn’t Prince, and his desire to start Princestagram. Check out all the cool video…

Here are his musical performances with 3rdEyeGirl:

She’s Always in My Hair


And with The New Power Generation:


Cindy Davis, (Twitter) always had a thing for purple.

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  • AvaLehra

    I have loved this man since I was 11, and don't regret a single day (well, maybe a couple.)

    "She’s Always in My Hair" is such a terrific song.

  • e jerry powell

    Oh, we know.

    Having worn out two vinyl copies...

  • John G.

    It's the prince show....

  • e jerry powell

    Only with no Beyonce.

  • TherecanbeonlyoneAdmin

    Everybody seems to forget just how insanely dude can shred that guitar. He's top five if not the top.

  • Sean

    Which is so weird that in this new band, he lets that girl play all the solos. She is really good, but...I want to hear Prince play.

  • e jerry powell

    I was about to say. Kind of like that female guitarist that Carlos Santana mentored who played the solos with Steve Winwood at the Kennedy Center Honors. Good, but if the original is still around...

  • When do we talk about his rampant homophobia?

  • e jerry powell

    About as often as we talk about Richard Wagner's rabid antisemitism. That's a very thorny conversation that's been going on for at least a couple of centuries, alas; where is the separation point between an artist's work and more objectionable parts of his character? Someone like Mel Gibson makes it easier via his general dickishness.

  • Sean

    Actually, that is a great point. Most of us Prince fans try to forget about it. are right.

  • Sara_Tonin00

    Changing of the graphic on the break-up call is a nice touch.

  • There's a lot of clapping for EVERYTHING Prince says. It's a bit weird.

  • kirbyjay

    So surprised that
    A. Prince was on "New Girl"
    B. How funny Prince was on "New Girl
    Not surprised at
    A. How much Arsenio Hall sucks at interviewing
    B. How nervous and stiff Prince is being interviewed
    Seriously, AH just sucks. He pauses after every answer instead of an immediate follow-up question. Is he waiting for applause? The best ( Johnny Carson) talk show hosts know that an interview should be like a conversation, not a spelling bee.

  • Tecuya

    30 years. I have always, always, always, loved that man.

  • MsMoMo

    I'm totally confused really. I thought he was a 'bonifide recluse, no interviews, let me just do my crazy genius musical thang' type dude. Slather me with boysenberry jelly and color me purple.

  • e jerry powell

    Prince is also an artist who was hitting his stride at the same time as Madonna and solo Michael Jackson. He accepts that sometimes he has to do stuff so that people will know that he's not dead, he's just never been very good at it. At least he has the sense to stay on good terms with Arsenio (since Arsenio's first time around).

    Arsenio used to get so much more excited about Prince back in the day, too.

    A fucking musical genius, though. I can never let myself forget that.

  • Sean

    He doesn't want anyone touching his hair becuase that is a wig.

    That said, I would love to watch a Prince show.

  • patti livernash

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  • e jerry powell

    True, Prince's natural hair hasn't been that long since he was a teenager, and he's processed it so much over the years that it probably wouldn't hold an Afro without a Tasering.

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