Patton Oswalt's "Parks and Recreation" Star Wars Filibuster Is God's Gift to the Internet
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Patton Oswalt's "Parks and Recreation" Star Wars Filibuster Is God's Gift to the Internet

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | April 17, 2013 | Comments ()

Screen Shot 2013-04-17 at 1.38.14 PM.png

Patton Oswalt will appear on “Parks and Recreation” this Thursday, and even though it’s an hour-long edition of “Parks and Rec,” I very much doubt that the entire 8-minute Star Wars filibuster presented below will make the episode. So, you’ll have to watch it all on Youtube.

It is basically the most hilariously nerdy rambling soliloquy on Star Wars you will ever, ever hear, which is to say: It is amazing, and kind of exhausting.

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  • OldSchool60

    Also, '8 minutes with Patton Oswalt' would be the only thing on television I would watch [if it actually existed].

  • OldSchool60

    Also, how could those Extras keep a straight face?

  • OldSchool60

    I have seen the face of God...and it is Patton Oswald.

  • John W

    Several things.

    1. Glorious!

    2. The X-men fly the Lockheed not the Quinjet.

    3. Since when does the f**king Moon Knight rate higher than Hawkeye and Black Widow?

  • fife

    At one point, he says the X-Men fly in on a Quinjet. That's wrong! X-Men fly the SR-71 Blackbird....Avengers use the quinjet.

  • Christian

    clearing up my DVR, I watched him on Burn Notice, Justified, and Parks & Rec this week

  • "Kids aren't going to like it!"

    That's victory.

  • Byakko

    Is it just me, or there a bit of intrigue there that he went all Marvel on it, especially considering Chris Pratt is playing Star-Lord in "Guardians of the Galaxy?"

    Yeah, it's probably just me.

  • smaj

    Patton just 'Space Jammed' Councilman Jamm.

  • God's gift to the American internet, it seems;
    "The uploader has not made this video available in your country."

    Fuck off and upwards, meaningless un-localisation.

  • csb
  • I'd just like to let you know, for those 8 minutes, you were my favourite person. Thanks a bunch.

  • Buck Forty

    The worst bit is when they make you watch an ad first and THEN tell you the video is unavailable. A-holes!

  • alwaysanswerb

    And this is why I could not be an extra on a show like Parks and Rec. You think I could have kept my cool in the face of that? Nay, sirs, I could not! That guy in the blue shirt in the front, who is about to break, represents what would have been the peak of my composure after about a minute. The Marvel crossover bit would have finished me completely.

    Well played, Patton Oswalt.

  • Dear sweet baby Jesus,
    Please let Ben be in the room or at least enter so he can interject and have an epic nerdy argument with Patton Oswalt. That would make my week!

  • dizzylucy

    Between his great run on Justified, his thoughtful post about Boston, and now this, I think it's fairly safe to declare 2013 the year of Patton Oswalt.

  • TheOriginalMRod

    That is awesome. One more reason to love Patton Oswalt.

  • Feralhousecat


  • Classic

    He is fantastic. Also I want to see this movie. It sounds like a hot mess but still :-)

  • SchmidtUltra

    If the new Star Wars isn't this, I'm not seeing any of them.

  • Mrcreosote

    Its...It's beautiful. It's the unified field theory of geek movies.
    Wait-wait. No Bladerunner. DAMN! so close.

  • Rochelle

    Deckard and Han Solo are the same person in alternate universes, which Thantos would bring together. Rachael and Leia are the same person, and both are sleeping with Billy Dee Williams, because, of course. Patton just didn't get there yet.

  • lowercase_ryan

    He's having a hell of a week.

  • He really, REALLY is!! He's been my favorite comedian forever and he has just been killing it lately.

  • $1754390

    I can't see it :(

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