'Parks and Rec' 100th Episode Special
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'Parks and Rec' 100th Episode Special

By Steven Lloyd Wilson | Videos | January 8, 2014 | Comments ()


I started rewatching Parks and Rec from the beginning a few weeks ago, mostly as a filler while cooking. Comedies, especially ones that you’ve seen before, are great for that. It took a couple episodes to realize that I hadn’t actually seen the entire first season. So, um, I suddenly had a bunch of good television that I hadn’t even known that I’d missed. That’s the Netflix way.

I love that damned show. And having never seen the first season (apparently), but having heard at length how it was the worst and not even worth watching if you hadn’t yet, I was intrigued to find that I like it just as much as the subsequent seasons. Suck it rumor!

It’s funny, yes, but as I’ve written elsewhere, what makes the show brilliant to me is the way that it is an outright treatise on the role of government in society, and what a difference small groups of dedicated individuals can make. It might make you laugh, but it’s a show about the nature of democracy every bit as insightful as powerful drama like The West Wing.

Tomorrow night, the show will be broadcasting its 100th episode, remarkable really for a show as tightly bound to a niche audience as this. The cast put together a full 20 minute special on their favorite moments and scenes of the series. It’s wonderful. I love this 20 minutes more than Lil’ Sebastian. By a smidge.

You know what this feels like? The bit they air in the slot before a blockbuster series finale. Twenty years ago we only got that with the Seinfeld level of shows. Now we get them for the shows that people deeply care about thanks to a billion electrons wangling through tubes.

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  • amylu

    Heeey, we've been watching Parks and Rec from the beginning while we eat meals. I love it more than I did the first time!

  • Ruthie O

    This is why Parks and Rec is one of the best TV comedies of all time. I don't just want to be friends with the characters; they actually are my friends. Even when the show has some lulls, I still look forward to seeing my BFFs every week.

    That, and "Stop. Pooping." will never stop crippling me with laughter.

  • specialj67

    After watching that retrospective yesterday, I had to go and watch me some Parks and Rec faves on Netflix. I planned on only 2 or 3 episodes, you know, to take me to dinner time. I ended up watching 12--and reconfirming that "The Fight" from season 3 is still my favorite episode to date. No Regrets!

  • LizLemon

    I've watched "The Fight" probably 15 times… Its just the greatest. Jean-Ralphio's name based raps, Tom's business ideas, everyone's drunk, people are fighting, Jerry's on the roof, and "that bitch over there doesn't even KNOW"!

  • John W

    Parks is going to occupy the same place that Newsradio does, one of the best comedies of all time that didn't get the love it deserved. Same thing goes for Community. I'm kind of surprised too considering it stars Amy Poehler who is part of the NBC family via her SNL connections. You'd think that NBC would have moved heaven and Earth to promote her show and set it up for success the way they did with 30 Rock.

  • It's made Amy Poehler into a bankable TV star and her next show will probably get the splash treatment, but during Parks' run there was always a Chelsea Handler, Whitney Cummings, Michael J Fox etc. etc. show that the network was always trying to turn into a hit. Parks has been a tough show for NBC to pin toward a specific audience, so it was always used as a quality bridge show to get the audience to the next "big thing"

  • cruzzercruz

    Unfortunately, Lorne Michaels was more involved in the creation of 30 Rock, which is probably why it got such a strong backing by the network.

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