Only in the UK is Aaron Paul Completely Overshadowed by the '50 Shades of Grey' Lead
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Only in the UK is Aaron Paul Completely Overshadowed by the '50 Shades of Grey' Lead

By Dustin Rowles | Videos | March 1, 2014 | Comments ()

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You get so used to seeing Aaron Paul in a certain context — adored star of Breaking Bad, the total center of attention wherever he goes — that it’s strange to see him reduced to something of an afterthought on The Graham Norton Show. It’s not that Paul was ignored or treated poorly or anything, it’s just that — in last night’s episode — the focus seemed to be more on Jamie Dornan, the lead in 50 Shades of Grey, who is barely known here in the United States (unless you’re a big fan of Once Upon a Time.

In the featured clips from the show, the lengthiest conversation with Aaron Paul was about how Breaking Bad has never really caught on in the UK (although, Jamie Dornan admits that he binge watched all but the last four episodes over Christmas).

Then there’s a clip in which Dornan talks about his “funny walk,” and my biggest takeaway from this story is that Jamie Dornan is a profoundly dull person.

If you want to watch the entire episode (which also features Naomi Campbell discussing the fact that she tapes up her boobs), the embed is below. In it, Aaron Paul ties a cherry stem with his tongue, something his “wife was very excited about.” That starts around the 33 minute mark.

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  • asherlev1

    I don't know, I've never seen Dornan being interviewed and I was VERY pleasantly surprised by his self-depreciating sense of humour. He really endeared himself to me - and to the other guests, imo.

  • Bad Superman

    Of course he was overshadowed, the guy has no screen presence. He's a supporting television actor at best.

  • stella

    Dude he was great in the fall...

  • kirbyjay

    Watched Harrison Ford on GN and was majorly surprised at how funny he was. Probably because he was half lit but he seemed to enjoy himself. DeNiro, on the other hand, should have a contract rider saying he does not have to do promo. He is one supremely boring individual. Seems all of his personality is sucked out of him by the characters he plays.
    Still waiting for the Damon/Murray/Bonneville ep to show its face on OnDemand

  • carrie

    you can see that DeNiro dislikes to do promotion

  • JustOP

    I don't think his story was dull - I just thought he doesn't have the same TYPE of charisma as Aaron Paul. He seemed to have a much more 'british' personality in that it was kind of awkward and self-deprecating.

    Breaking Bad isn't as popular over here than in the states - although those who have watched it revere it in similar ways. The most 'famous' guests on the coach were Ant & Dec - whom have been on british television almost consistently now for 20 years and still widely loved.

  • Sirilicious

    You sound like a fanboy that is upset his idol didn't get enough screentime/attention/fawning. "But, but but... Jamie is a poophead!"

    I stopped watching The Fall after 2 eps, didn't read Fifty Shades and probably won't see the movie. Jamie was cute and we all had a few good laughs at his expense.

  • SorayaS

    Yeah that's the feeling I got- hasn't Dustin seen The Fall?! I think Jamie Dornan deserves all the attention he gets and he was good here!

    I think perhaps sometimes American guests don't shine on Graham Norton (SOMETIMES) as they're not used to the format compared to your usual talk show promo? I think Aaron Paul is wonderful but as a polar opposite to Dustin I'm going to say that he is the one that seemed dull here (well, not more dull than Ant and Dec OBVIOUSLY)!

  • LL

    I love the Grahame Norton show. I wish there was a North American version. I can handle only watching it once a week if the quality is as good as this.

  • They tried to make Graham Norton happen in America 10 years ago. He got a 13 episode run on Comedy Central that didn't get picked up for a second season. I just remember the actors and audience weren't quite as into it as they are over in the UK.

  • Sirilicious

    And his monologue is only about 2 minutes long. An improvement on American Late Night if you ask me. :)

  • LL

    Monologues are generally the worst, although Jimmy Fallon's is quite entertaining.

  • Ginger McFlea

    Even at 2 minutes, it's 2 minutes too long. Graham's monologue is just as dreadful as all the others.

  • Luke Lane

    What's with the Dornan bashing? The guy is hot, and EXCELLENT in 'The Fall'.

  • kammm

    The Fall was incredible. Perhaps Dustin knows Jamie Dornan used to be a CK model and deems him not to be an artistic purist like himself.

  • Ginger McFlea

    I agree. He's outstanding in the Fall. And I liked his walking story. I thought it was well done and gave me lots of opportunity to gaze upon him. But, more importantly, how is there a whole post about this rather average episode but nothing about the glory that was the Bill Murray/Matt Damon visit a couple of weeks back?

  • Sirilicious

    How can you leave out Hugh "drinking wine out of a singer's shoe" Bonneville?!

  • Ginger McFlea

    Because I was too lazy to look up the correct spelling of his surname? Believe me, I wouldn't have missed Hugh and his woolly jumper for anything.

  • Amy Mace

    I am an American who's watched The Fall but never seen an episode of Breaking Bad (or read 50 Shades or watched Once Upon a Time). I guess my point is I should probably get around to watching Breaking Bad one of these days...and also Jamie Dornan is adorable.

  • TS

    The biggest guests were Ant and Dec though (the biggest star is usually the one sitting next to Graham) who are (for some reason) extremely popular over here as light entertainment presenters.

  • Jamie

    Go to any university in the UK and 99% of people have seen Breaking Bad. The reason it didnt really 'catch on' was because it was never on a major channel. But as they say in the graham norton show, since it came out on boxset and netflix everyone over here is catching up.

  • 'The Fall' was probably more watched in UK than Breaking Bad since you can watch it on BBC. You can only watch BB on Sky Atlantic, which requires Sky as your cable provider. Then add in the whole 50 Shade hoopla, there ya go. Maybe Graham just has a big crush on Jamie?

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