Now You Can Watch 'Rick and Morty' in 15-Second Bursts
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Now You Can Watch 'Rick and Morty' in 15-Second Bursts

By Vivian Kane | Videos | March 14, 2014 | Comments ()


Do you have the patience of a Rodin statue combined with the attention span of a goldfish? Than you’re in luck! And you’ll be able to watch next week’s episode of Rick and Morty before the regular TV-watching suckers.

The upcoming episode of Dan Harmon’s Adult Swim show is now available on Instagram in 15-second segments. Here’s the opening segment, to get you going, and if you find that to be at all tolerable, watch the other hundred and something here.

I can’t wait until True Detective season two is released as Vines.

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  • Well, considering even a week feels like too long a wait for the next ep, yeah, this is tempting.

  • Blake

    WHY THE FVCK WOULD THEY DO THIS? I feel like one of the Meeseeks trying to improve Jerry's golf score going through all these... But I'm still going to watch it NOW.

    *P.S. Rick and Morty is AWESOME and should be getting more Pajiba LOVE. Rick Potion #9 wrecked me for week after watching it.

  • Meeseeks and Destroy is my favorite ep so far, but the ending of Rick Potion #9... that's tough to shake! :)

  • Blake

    Both are excellent (and horrifying) and I'm not sure how Morty can even function anymore.

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