New Scene From 'Catching Fire' Proves That Jennifer Lawrence Is Still Stuck In A Love Triangle With Two Pieces Of Driftwood

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New Scene From 'Catching Fire' Proves That Jennifer Lawrence Is Still Stuck In A Love Triangle With Two Pieces Of Driftwood

By Joanna Robinson | Videos | November 6, 2013 | Comments ()

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One of the biggest issues I had with the first Hunger Games film was the complete lack of sizzle between Katniss/Gale and Katniss/Peta. I’m not some simp who needs a love story in order to enjoy a good movie. I’m right there with those of you who think Legolas and Kate from Lost need to take their shiny hair and puppy dog eyes right out of The Hobbit. I’d be perfectly content to watch Katniss kick ass and fire off arrows and never once bat an eyelash at a boy. But the love triangle was already a key aspect of the story, so here we have it. And they screwed it up. They cast Jennifer Lawrence, who is all sizzle, and two completely flat and uninteresting boys to moon after her.


Thing are supposed to get even more complicated when that hothouse of sexual tension, Finnick Odair shows up in book two. And who did they cast? Sam Claflin? That absolute charisma suck from Snow White And The Huntsman? The one who somehow managed to have less screen presence than Kristen Stewart? What’s worse than driftwood? Mulch? That’s Sam Claflin. Prince Mulching.

Anyway, all that’s to say that in my version of these movies, Katniss runs off with Haymitch. At least he knows how to have a good time. Here’s a clip of the Lesser Hemsworth as stupid Gale being all mopey and unconvincingly brimming with revolutionary fire. I yawn.

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  • Strand

    Oh trusty Sam Claflin. They're trying so hard to make you Orlando Lite. Now with 30% less Bloom.

  • KC

    I think there were a lot of people who thought Hunter Parrish would make a good Peeta. He was actually really quite good in Weeds, especially as the seasons went on.

  • KC

    Even though I hated "White Heat" I found Sam Claflin pretty attractive and charming in it despite the incredible dryness of the show.

  • Lauralyn

    In my mind, the series ends with Katniss running off with Johanna Mason.

  • Three_nineteen

    For me, Woody Harrelson was the worst thing about the movie - horribly miscast.

    Katniss should have started something with Cinna - he's the one who understands her.

  • I will never not giggle at "Lesser Hemsworth".

    I wish the movies had just done away with the stupid love triangle and worked more on Katniss' and Peeta's relationship, because fuck Gale. The most frustrating part of the book was that we never had a goddamn clue of how Katniss felt about Peeta (and she was NARRATING!) and it just made me dislike her intensely in the last book, which was just awful.

    I feel like the first movie did it a little bit better in not making Katniss as repulsed by Peeta as she was in the books, but you're right, as adorable as I find Josh Hutcherson (creepy, I know), the two have zero chemistry. I feel like they should've gone with someone older (and buffer, or at least someone less tiny and weak-looking) for Peeta. It might have helped.

  • Ryan Ambrose

    Add agent McBland Van der Plankwood Benchpress from Marvel's Agents of SHIELD (no way I'm punctuating this) and you have a quartet.

    I have no joke here, just wanted to type Agent McBland Van der Plankwood Benchpress.

  • Maddy

    I don't think I could agree with this more. The worst parts of the first movie were the scenes with Katniss and Peeta in the cave - just cringeworthy and terrible. And sure you could make an argument that they're not supposed to have chemistry because Katniss is only pretending to have feelings for him, but even on that level it didn't work. I'm more annoyed that I felt like Peeta was completely useless and pathetic in the movie, which is something I never thought in the books because he was actually an interesting counterpoint to Gale who was set up as the more traditional love interest.

    Why would you have such perfect casting in Jennifer Lawrence and then cast such bland dudes as Gale and Peeta? Sure the love triangle thing was never the most interesting part of the books, but it's still pretty important.

  • Naye

    It didnt work on the pretend level because the script did a shoddy job of illuminating the true dynamic between these two, which is a really sweet one when Katniss gets out of her way. But they really dont need sizzle, because the book isnt about sizzling? lol. Katniss doesn't want to have feelings for anybody. Peeta is pretty awesome in the books, and I think they downplayed a lot of just how awesome he is

  • Maddy

    Agreed. Peeta is supposed to be charismatic and good at winning people over and I got NONE of that from the movie. Josh Hutcherson has the charisma of a plank of wood, and not holding out much hope for Finnick. Sigh. Why can't the people from Game of Thrones just do the casting for everything?

  • KC

    I agree about him seeming a lot more useless in the movie. In the books he felt like he actually had a place and abilities to take care of himself and Katniss in ways that Katniss was unequipped to handle. I actually liked the dynamic in the books.

  • Some Guy

    Dude is So. Short.

  • Guest

    Am I the only one that can't get the video to play? :(

  • Pants-are-a-must

    Oh, Lesser Hemsworth. It took your brother, Good Hemsworth, 10 minutes to the dot to score himself a movie star career. What what what are you doing.

  • Sassy Pikachu

    I just heard this entire dialogue in the tone of My Sassy Gay Friend.

  • That's what happens when you cast for the poster and not for the movie.

    TBF, that love triangle in the book was not really good. It was mostly annoying, like listening to a teenager talk about which boy is the true love of her life is in real life.

  • chanohack

    It reminded me of myself as a preteen thinking that ALL THE BOYS WERE SECRETLY IN LOVE with me and HOW COULD I POSSIBLY CHOOSE the one whom I loved in return? Preteen me would have fucking devoured The Hunger Games and probably would have dressed as Katniss every day and ran a constant present-tense mental narration of everything I did. And scowled a lot because that's what awesome, tough girls do when they DON'T REALIZE THE EFFECT THEY HAVE.

    Basically, Collins, you understand teens, so well played, but it concerns me as an adult.

  • linnyloo

    Hahaha, it was exactly the opposite for me. I pined from a distance, and assumed no-one would be interested in dating me.

    There was a boy I had a mad crush on in early high school, but was way too shy to really do anything about it, and also assumed that because he didn't ask me out, he must not have been interested.

    About fifteen years later, I ran into him in an airport after not seeing him for ages and ages, and we struck up a conversation, and at one point he paused and said, "I seem to remember you wrote me the sweetest note once." And I was all...

    "I had the balls to write him a note?"


    "He remembered a note I wrote 15 years ago? HOT DAMN I SHOULD HAVE ASKED HIM OUT."

    In conclusion, I was kind of pathetic.

  • stella

    The love triangle was the worst part of the books too. To be fair however, katniss takes all three installments to actually develop feelings for peeta.

  • I always felt like the love triangle was being imposed on Katniss, and that her response was, "Um, okay, I guess, but I'm kind of busy right now. I'll try, but . . . nope, too busy. Maybe later?"

  • Exactly. It's a construct to garner revolutionary support. Even in the books, Katniss' relationship with Peeta felt constructed. She has more going on with Gale, but I always felt he sat uncomfortably on a best buddy - big brother - paramour continuum somewhere.

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