New Hunger Games Footage Will Knock The Breakfast Right Out Of Your Mouth

By Joanna Robinson | Videos | March 2, 2012 | Comments ()


First of all, I can't get enough of that Jennifer Lawrence archery porn shoot. Thanks, Glamour, year of the archer, baby! A friend of mine argued yesterday that Lawrence is too bodacious, round and healthy to play a starving young teenager from the impoverished District 12. I murmured some protest about "protein from hunting" and "archery muscles" and "for once they didn't cast a stick!" Anyway, you let me know. Is Lawrence too voluptuous to play Katniss?


Secondly, here's about 40 seconds of non-spoilery footage from the upcoming film where Lawrence shows off her archery skills and gets the attention of the Game Makers. Oh, Wes Bentley, that was some grade-A, pig-related ad libbing she so rudely interrupted. Where have you been in my life? Enjoy!

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