Need a Best Picture Refresher? These Adorable Children Have Got You Covered

By Vivian Kane | Videos | February 20, 2014 | Comments ()


With a week and a half to go before the Oscars, maybe you could use a reminder of the Best Picture nominees. Well, here are some reenactments cute enough to make your uterus tingle. Because what’s funnier/more adorable than making children say and do inappropriate things for our amusement? Nothing, that’s what.

My favorite part? That pint-sized Somali pirate. Because even when you give a kid a huge automatic rifle, you can’t break their instinct to pull out a finger-gun.


Via LAist.

Vivian Kane could watch those little wolf cubs chant for hours on end.

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Comments Are Welcome, Jerks Will Be Banned

  • Target_Blonde

    "Because it's the theme of the movie!!"

    I laughed way harder at that than was entirely necessary.

  • Steve

    Is that little Commissioner Gordon in the header pic?

  • DataAngel

    I think we should stop sticking silly mustaches on inanimate things and start putting them on Kindergarteners. That's adorable.

  • TimeTravelMan

    Really? Letting a kid hold an assault rifle is OK, but a white kid whipping a black kid and naming him Toby is not OK. Are we too PC.

    I'll let you decide if I was being sarcastic.

  • Theodora K Mullins

    I'm not kid friendly, but I love these every year!! Finger guns and winks!! Also I have not seen Gravity,but that little scene makes it look like Titanic in space

  • amberdragonfly

    12 Years a Slave and Gravity were perfect!! Why is it that kid videos like this always make my uterus tingle????

  • meh

    Oh thank God, I kept thinking, "How on earth are they going to pull off 12 Years a Slave?'. Thank you producers. Thank you Thank you.

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